The WikiEmbed feature was created to help integrate the community on the Neoforums with our NeoWikis by allowing members to embed any page from any NeoWiki onto the Neoseeker forums.



The tag is exactly the same as the Wiki's interwiki link style, with the exception that instead of w.WIKINAME it's we.WIKINAME (we for WikiEmbed), and that it's only to be used on the forums.


Every Wiki page using the Toro skin has its forum embed code shown in the sidebar of the page for easy reference.

How This Can Be Used

  • Community threads such as the Neo Awards
  • Discussion about a character in a game, you can include this
  • Discussion about a particular map in a game
  • Help threads, you can embed the page rather than just linking to it


  • Capitalization matters!
  • You don't need the underscore, spaces work too




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