Level Name Description
1 Go edit a wiki Make your first wiki edit
1 Juggler Contributor tag for 2+ wikis at the same time
2 Merry Wikimas Contribute on Christmas Day
2 Getting into it Contributed 10,000 bytes to a wiki
3 This is easy... Contributed 100,000 bytes to a wiki
4 gvghdf Contributed 250,000 bytes to a wiki (next 1,000,000 bytes maybe, etc)
3 Rising the ranks Promoted to staff member
1 Theme park Create 1 NeoTheme
2 Paintjob Create 5 NeoThemes
3 Creativity rising... Create 10 NeoThemes
4 Coloring book Create 25 NeoThemes
5 Interior designer Create 50 NeoThemes
1 Every little helps Make a minor edit (as indicated by checking the "This is a minor edit" box)
1 The big bang Create a new page
1 Explain yourself! Use an edit summary