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The supermod rank is conferred to members of the moderation and policy-making arm of the Neoseeker administration team and is the highest level of moderator within the forum moderation hierarchy. They are global moderators and are authorized to use their moderator permissions in any forum at their discretion. Unlike other moderators, super mods are not limited in the suspensions they can issue and can permanently ban users from the site, disable their access to particular features or even close accounts entirely. They also have access to a plethora of other site management tools to help them in their role which are unavailable to other moderator ranks. Super moderators are the management responsibility of, and answerable to, administrators.

They are recognizable in the forums as they display the supermod rank under their username.


[edit] Responsibilities

Super moderators have overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of Neoseeker and its moderation. All moderator ranks are ultimately answerable to the super moderator team as it is the super moderator team which appoints them.

Super mods also play a key role in forming, adapting and enforcing site policies. They work closely with Administrators to provide feedback about the operation of the site and often partake in making recommendations for site features or helping to refine upcoming developments. They are often privvy to inside information and administrative discussions, enabling them to speak authoritatively on matters of policy, site direction or upcoming changes.

Super moderators' routine tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Mentoring all levels of moderator in their role, providing guidance where necessary and ensuring the sitewide direction of moderation is in accordance with Neoseeker's defined moderation philosophy and policies.
  • Responding to complaints from users or dealing with issues which other levels of moderator have escalated to the super moderator team for review or sitewide action.
  • Engaging in conflict resolution talks between users or moderators to alleviate or resolve sources of conflict before they escalate.
  • Issuing restrictions which are beyond the scope of regular moderators. This may include disabling users' signatures or avatars for rule violations, disabling access to member profile pages, banning users on a long-term or permanent basis or, in extreme cases, closing member accounts entirely.
  • Reviewing user sanctions or restrictions and concluding on whether it is appropriate for them to be revisited or removed.
  • Using proactive and reactive methods to assist in fighting the war on spam and keeping spambots, and other malicious users, off the site.
  • Handling the sitewide moderation and report queues.
  • Evaluating the need for forums and/or dedicated communities and overseeing their creation if necessary, or organizing the merging and consolidation of forums which are no longer required.
  • Evaluating the potential for growth in particular areas and assisting in, or managing the delegation of, community building efforts to help the area(s) realize their full potential.
  • Liaising with Administrators to make them aware of viable suggestions from the community as well as important events, incidents or issues and ensuring that moderation and policy decisions are being made in line with their desired philosophy and site direction.

[edit] Current Super Moderator Activity

[edit] Former Super Moderators

[edit] Becoming a Super Moderator

The rank of super moderator is not a position which can be applied for. All super moderators are appointed by Redemption directly. Those promoted are done so by unanimous recommendation of the current super moderator team who enter into a discussion about potential super moderator candidates when they feel an addition to their team is necessary.

Viable super moderator candidates must have extensive experience as a moderator before being considered and will usually already be occupying senior moderator positions on the site, such as being a member of the category moderator team. A diverse range of skills is necessary to succeed in the super moderator role as well as an attitude that is compatible with the site's ideals and current super moderator team's approach and personalities.

Those who are interested and have the ultimate aim of becoming a super moderator at Neoseeker should start by gaining experience initially as a local moderator and expressing an interest to step up into more senior positions from there. Your superior communication skills and willingness to put the effort in and go above and beyond your assigned duties to help both members and fellow moderators should speak for itself and demonstrate your capabilities to take on positions with a more managerial focus. You can always PM a current super moderator and make them aware of your ultimate aim too; there's no harm in expressing a desire to step up.

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