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[edit] Overview

Neoseeker catalogues reviews, previews and other resources for products. If you have a specific product in mind, the search engine is the fastest way to find your info. Otherwise, you can either dig by category, or find products by company.

The search engine is extensively documented, and is powerful enough to allow nearly any type of query. Please refer to the search engine documentation for more information.

Product records are divided into several pages. The net reviews and previews page contains links to articles that help you decide whether to purchase a product. The resources page is more geared towards those who have already purchased the product... therefore game player's guides, walkthroughs, downloads, and websites can all be found in the resource pages. The profile/info pages are more detailed descriptions of the products.

[edit] Game FAQs and Walkthroughs

This page is posted in an effort to address common questions about game FAQs hosted on Neoseeker. Please also check the FAQ info page for previously written information about FAQs on Neoseeker.

[edit] Submitting FAQs

Submit FAQs through our online submission form or by sending them as email attachments to

The fastest way to submit a FAQ is by finding the game you want using our search engine, and then clicking on "Submit cheat/guide" from within the game profile.

[edit] Updating FAQs

When you want to update your FAQs, simply submit them as above (via email or through our submission form).

[edit] FAQs requirements

FAQs can ONLY be posted on Neoseeker if they adhere to the following requirements:

  • File format must be plain text (ASCII), no HTML, word documents, RTF, or other formats are allowed - we will make a best attempt at converting FAQs for you if you send them in a format other then ASCII.
  • Text files must be set to wrap at the end of 80 characters (80 columns). Turn OFF wordwrap on your text editor, and then set the max line length to 80 characters.
  • FAQs must not contain information from other sources without authorisation - plagiarism is STRONGLY discouraged.
  • FAQs must be no smaller then 5Kb to be considered as an FAQ submission. Anything smaller will be submitted as a tip for the game in question.

[edit] Writing FAQs

For help on writing FAQs, please read through this help document carefully on guidelines. Then try going through some of the FAQs already on Neoseeker to get a feel for their format.

You can also try visiting our FAQ and Review contributors' forum.

[edit] Copyrights

All FAQs stored on Neoseeker remain the intellectual property of their authors. This means that FAQ authors retain all copyrights. Users of the site are allowed to download these FAQs for personal use. Please respect the FAQ authors and do not use their FAQs for any purpose beyond personal use. Also, many FAQs have disclaimers which give you the author's "acceptable use" type policy.

[edit] FAQ Updates

Like all the major FAQ sites, Neoseeker updates every day of the week. On weekends we update at least 1 day, and often both days. We ALWAYS update a FAQ if we know a new version exists - and we are always on the lookout for updates.

Many FAQ authors do not give out permission to host their FAQs because a lot of sites cannot update the FAQs. What happens is that the authors are bombarded with needless questions that may have been answered in a newer version of a FAQ. At Neoseeker there is a very good chance you will find the latest version of a FAQ because we know how important it is for the authors not to be bothered by questions already in a FAQ. If all else fails, please read the author's instructions on how to obtain a latest update before contacting them.

[edit] Neoseeker FAQ hosting permissions

[edit] Does Neoseeker have permission to host these FAQs?

Neoseeker hosts FAQs with the permission of authors and in compliance with the usage guidelines that authors convey either through their FAQ or through email directly with us. A lot of authors maintain a list of sites that are authorised to host their FAQ.

[edit] Why is Neoseeker not listed in some FAQs that you host?

This gets asked a LOT. Most FAQ authors maintain a list of sites that are authorised to host their FAQ. This list is often at the begining or the end of the FAQ. Many times an author will give us permission to host his FAQ, and yet we would *not* be listed on their "authorised site list". This has caused us all sorts of grief because

  1. FAQ authors sometimes forget we even have permission for their FAQ
  2. Users sometimes misunderstand that we are hosting the FAQs without permission
  3. People with access to those FAQs on other sites do not realize Neoseeker is hosting the FAQs

Hopefully with time authors will add Neoseeker to their authorised site lists.

[edit] I gave Neoseeker permission to host a FAQ, but now another of my FAQs has shown up too. What's going on?

This is another problem that dogs our heels. There are simply too many FAQ authors to easily keep track of. At last count there were some 2000 different authors that we have on record, and that's only a small slice of the total population of authors that are out there. Because we're not a huge and powerful site like GameFAQs, we do NOT automatically get permission from all the authors. As a a result we have to maintain a list of authors who have given us permission for posting their FAQs. This list is further broken down because not all authors give us permission to post ALL their FAQs. Which means we have to do a LOT LOT LOT of work checking to see if we have permissions. If you think a site like GameFAQs has to do a lot of work, try imagining a situation where you have to maintain a list of whom you can post, whom you can't post, and what you can post from those who allow it. YIKES. For the most part we get it right, but a lot of things slip through. For instance, one of the more common mistakes is not realizing that an author has only authorised us to use one their FAQs without the intent to let us use any other FAQs. Sometimes this slips us by because our database already has one FAQ from the author, and of course we naturally assume it is ok to go ahead with other FAQs, since we always observe the primary rules (giving credit, retaining original form of the FAQ, and ALWAYS hosting the latest FAQ).

[edit] Neoseeker's Plea to FAQ authors

Hosting FAQs takes a lot of time. We can guarantee it is more work for us to do this than it is for a larger, more established site. Our dedication is to provide a place for authors to host their FAQs, and for gamers to find these FAQs. We try our best to abide by all rules set forth by authors.

Our work is already hard because we have to maintain a list of which authors we can post. Please PLEASE give us general authorisation to post your FAQs, rather then telling us which titles we can post. It makes for a lot less work because it means we don't have to check every FAQ you write for permission. We do EVERYTHING possible to host the latest version of your FAQs. We do EVERYTHING possible to maintain credit and copyrights. We follow all the rules and we encourage our users to do so. If nothing else, realize that we respect your work and we WORK towards making this a good resource for gamers.

[edit] Why does Neoseeker stress so strongly that they support authors and respect their rights and privileges?

As many other sites have come to realize, hosting FAQs is a big responsibility. This is copyrighted content and we have a responsibility to host the most up to date edition and follow proper hosting etiquette.

We would never knowingly and purposely "steal" a FAQ and host it behind the back of a FAQ author. It's not worth it. It goes against our own rules, and worse, it damages our reputation and brings to question our reliability and dedication to our audience. This is why, if you, as a FAQ author, find that there is something wrong with our hosting (ie we are hosting an old version, we mistyped your name, the version number is listed wrong, we are hosting a FAQ you didn't think you gave us permission for), please realize that this is a MISTAKE. 100%.

Why? Because people make mistakes. And we have a lot more legwork to do when hosting FAQs, so the chances of making mistakes is greater.

Also, again. It's never worth it to perform outside of our own rules. We host FAQs with permission, whether by asking the author or by following general posting guidelines in a FAQ. If we PURPOSELY hosted FAQs for which we had no permission, all that happens is that authors would revoke our permission. And that's hardly something we want.

So if something is not right. Give us the benefit of the doubt and fire us an email. We will fix it.

[edit] Game Cheats/Tips

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[edit] User Reviews

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[edit] Using the search engine

[edit] Keywords

The search engine will search for ALL keywords you type into the search box.

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