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nTags are the markup codes (often just referred to as "markup") that Neoseeker uses in its forums and across most of the site's user submitted features. nTags allow members to do basic HTML like markup including bolding, italicizing, underlining, linking images, and far more.

Features using nTags including:

  • forum posts and private messages
  • user reviews (and user review comments)
  • news comments
  • gamegrep news submissions and comments
  • cheats/tips
  • VFAQs (which also allows the html [table] tag)

nTags were loosely based on the UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) tag system back in 2000. It has since evolved to include tags as requested by members.

nTags are very powerful and support creating very informative and organized posts.

nTag markup is also used in Neoseeker's other websites.


[edit] nTag Documentation and Help

[edit] Basic Visual Formatting

[edit] Bold, Italics, Underline, and Strikethrough

  • [b]This will make your text bold[/b] will return: This will make your text bold
  • [i]This will italicize your text[/i] will return: This will italicize your text
  • [u]This will underline your text[/u] will return: This will underline your text
  • [strike]This will strike through your text[/strike] will return: This will strike through your text

[edit] Subscript, Superscript, Font Size, and Font Color

  • [sub]This is subscripted text[/sub] will return: This is subscripted text
  • [sup]This is superscripted text[/sup] will return: This is superscripted text
  • [size=#]This will alter the size of your text[/size]
    • Font sizes may only range from 1 to 4. One is the smallest, four is the largest. The larger two font sizes are normally only used for section headers in rules threads and the like or for special emphasis. It is generally ill-advised to use them as a standard font size for every day posting.
  • [color=colorname]This will color your text[/color]
    • The accepted color names for this tag are aqua, black, blue, brown, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, orange, purple, red, silver, teal, yellow, and white.
    • As an alternative to using a color name, hexadecimal color codes can also be used if they are in the format [color=#000099]. A comprehensive list of hexadecimal codes may be found here.

[edit] MediaWiki compatibility

In late 2008 nTags started to incorporate MediaWiki compatible support. In January 2009 nTags will be updated to support MediaWiki style bold and italics tags, as well as their heading methodology.

MediaWiki compatible tags:

=Heading Tag=
[ Link tag]

Note: The above were uploaded to Neoseeker on Feb 14 2009.

[edit] See Also

A great guide on using Mark-up can be found here.

See NAMFox for ways of storing mark-up.

[edit] Videos

[edit] Yahoo

To embed Yahoo movie trailers all you need is the URL of the trailers page. You can get this by copying the URL from your browser or clicking on the share button in the video and clicking 'Link' and copying the link address.


the nTag for this is then simply 'yahoo'


There's a short form of the tag as well.

[yahoo movie=26856383]27296272[/yahoo]

Unlike youtube, Yahoo has two different ID's that you need. An ID for the movie and and ID for the trailer. The movie's ID always comes first and the trailer ID is after. There's only two sets of numbers in the URL so it shouldn't be too hard to use the short form. However the easiest way to always ensure the correct trailer will be to use the full URL, once posted Neo will convert it to the short form for you.

Yahoo has recently changed their trailer URL formats and the above method **does not** work. Instead, copy the number preceding the .html into both parts of the above code.

Example: would become

[yahoo movie=30520182]30520182[/yahoo]

[edit] Youtube and Vimeo

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