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Neoseeker's Wikis (Neowikis) is an alternative to Wikia. If you're tired of the politics, the ads, the weird popups, then you'll enjoy what Neoseeker has to offer. Neoseeker has been around since 1999 so we know what we're doing, and have a strong focus on our community. We need your help though to make the wikis even better!


Why Neoseeker?

  • We have less ads, and will never put ads inside of the content area
  • We listen to our users. When creating new features, or fixing bugs we make decisions based on what our users want, and need
  • No weird wikis that doesn't make sense. All our wikis are based on Video Games, Anime/Manga, or TV Shows. Nothing odd like cooking wikis!
  • Integrated with Neoseeker and its core features
    • Private Messaging
    • Friends Lists
    • User Profiles
    • Forums
    • Notifications (eg: "Hey @username!")
  • Grass roots team, not a huge corporate entity!

What you can do to help

  • Check out the forums and introduce yourself
  • Take a look at our list of wikis and see if there's any you'd like to contribute to
  • If you're already a contributor on Wikia, let your friends know that there's an alternative

We all need to work together in order to make the wikis a successful alternative to Wikia. We may never get to be as large as they are, but we definitely hope to co-exist with them as a great second place to check for information. Please have patience with us, help out on a wiki, or create your own.

How to create a new Wiki?

Please note that Neoseeker Wikis should be related to gaming, anime, comics, or other similar hobbies.

Create a New Wiki Here

Wiki Walkthroughs

If you are looking to create a walkthrough for a smaller game, you can use our Wiki Walkthrough system instead. Wiki Walkthroughs are like regular wikis in that pages can be collboratively edited and use the MediaWiki engine, however, they do not have their own domain and they are intended for walkthrough like content.

If you are a FAQ or Walkthrough author from GameFAQs or IGN you can create a Wiki Walkthrough on our site. Please contact to get started!

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