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Uploading images in wiki walkthroughs

Important: Images are shared across the entire Neoseeker site. Please prefix your guide images with some keywords related to the game name, eg "doom4-map-1.jpg" or you can overwrite other images and/or have other people overwrite your images.

Key points:

  • 2 methods to upload images
  • you can batch upload images
  • thumbnails can be autocreated, width is controlled by author.

Wiki walkthroughs have 2 main ways of uploading images:


The main uploader button is located to the top right of each page of a guide.

Wiki walkthrough uploader button.png

  • You can drag and drop multiple files into the uploader, or click the orange File Upload to select multiple files.
  • As file complete uploading you'll see a small code box with the image code in it, just copy that code to use in your guide.

Uploader walkthrough page.png

Alternate Method

If you write your guide in a txt program, you might want to pre-populate your guide with images placeholders.

You can do this using the File syntax even if no file was uploaded yet:

When you cut and paste the text into the editor and save it, these become links that let you upload the file into the placeholder.
Note that whatever filename you put into the placeholder tag is the final filename of the file.  So if you have a tag like File:doom4-map_1.jpg and upload a file dsc00012345.jpg it is renamed to doom4-map_1.jpg.

Here's what a file upload placeholder looks like:

Placeholder example.png

Thumbnails and sizing images

Thumbnails are automatically created by setting a width for an image.

We recommend 2 standard sizes:

  • 329px for a thumbnail that can fit 2 images side by side
  • 215px for a thumbnail that can fit 3 images side by side


See example 2 side by side thumbs with code that looks like:

[[File:Genesis_-_Progression_Pic_60.jpg|329px]] [[File:Genesis_-_Progression_Pic_61.jpg|329px]]

2 side by side thumbs.png

3 side by side thumbs with code that looks like:

<div>[[File:-000239-.jpg|215px]] [[File:-000240-.jpg|215px]] [[File:-000242-.jpg|215px]]</div>

3 side by side thumbs.png

Wrap thumbnails that are side by side in a <div>

If you intend to put 2 or 3 or any number of thumbnails side by side, please wrap the entire group of thumbnails in a <div></div> tag like this:

<div>[[File:-000239-.jpg|215px]] [[File:-000240-.jpg|215px]] [[File:-000242-.jpg|215px]]</div>

Pages in wiki walkthroughs are optimized to render in mobile devices, but images can sometimes cause weird behaviour if not wrapped.

See this example:

Multiple thumbs in mobile.png

and this illustrates how the code differs:

Multiple thumbs in mobile code.png

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