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Like many other message boards, Neoseeker has a post count system.

[edit] Raising Your Post Count

Unlike many other message boards or forums, on Neoseeker your posts must have a minimum number of characters in order to add up to your post count. The limit we are talking is 72 characters per post. Note that images and markup DO count as the 72 characters minimum limit.

[edit] About Deleted Posts

On Neoseeker, you are allowed to delete your posts (as long as they are not reported and awaiting moderation). Note that if you delete your posts, your post count automatically decreases. Additionally, keep in mind that if you delete a message that had less than 72 characters, you WILL lose one post on your post count. That means that say, if you had 500 posts, and you make a post that is less than 72 characters long, you will still have 500 posts, but if you delete that post (or any other post), you will still lose one post on your post count, leaving it at 499 posts. That's how people tend to get negative post counts: they make posts shorter than 72 characters and those posts get deleted.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that moderators and people above that rank can delete your posts. If you make a post that is spam (or that breaks any of the sitewide rules), yet you only posted it to increase your post count, a moderator can delete your post, resulting on you decreasing your post count. Remember to always abide by Neoseeker's rules to prevent your posts from getting deleted and other possible punishments.

[edit] Checking Your Post Count

By default, your post count is below your avatar, above the icons in forum posts. Once you register an account on Neoseeker, your post count is automatically set to display on forum posts. You can however, choose not to display it by going to your Forum Settings And Preferences page.

If someone is not displaying his post count in forum posts, you can view it in the user's profile, at the right. Your post count can't be hidden completely, as everyone can see everyone's post count on user profiles.

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