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The neostaff rank is given to paid employees of Neo Era Media who are generally based in-house at the Neoseeker office in Canada. They are recognizable in the forums as they carry the neostaff rank tag which appears under their username. Neostaff members are the management responsibility of Administrators.

While staff accounts inherit the permissions of a super moderator, thus granting them moderator privileges in all forums, they are not considered part of the forum moderation structure and are classed as regular members when posting outside of their staff role. They are not authorized to act in the capacity of a moderator or super moderator unless they explicitly hold these ranks independent of their neostaff role.


[edit] Responsibilities

Responsibilities between staff members vary depending on their job specification. The holders of this rank most visible on the forums are generally part of Neoseeker's development team in some capacity. This may include designing new features, drawing up specifications, coding and developing new and existing features, responding to bug reports and graphics design.

[edit] Current Neostaff members

[edit] Former Neostaff members

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