Neoseeker Login Problems

If you have trouble login into your Neoseeker account please check the tips from this page.


Cookies Support

Your browser must support cookies for logins to work. All modern browsers will support cookies, but some programs may disable cookies. If you block cookies make sure to UNBLOCK and all Neoseeker subdomains.

You may also check if your browser supports cookies using this site:

Click on the "Set Test Cookie" button there and see whether it increases the number of cookies received.

Login from the official Login forms

You must log in from one of the login forms for logins to work:

Visit the above URL, then try to log in there.

New Users: Activate your account

New users must activate their accounts before they can log in. To activate your account please look for an activation email in the email you used to register your account.

Check your SPAM inbox to make sure your email hasn't trapped the registration email in the spambox.

If you did not receive an email you can try to get it to send to you again here.

If neither of the above work please read this thread about the email issue:

Forgot your password?

If you forget your password you can use the Neoseeker password and username retrieval service to have that information sent to your email.

Report to Webmaster

make sure to include the EXACT reason that your login fails.

When your login fails there are 2 things that can happen.

  1. You get forwarded another page on Neoseeker but are not logged in
  2. You get an error message. YOU MUST give us this error message when you contact us!

Contact the Webmaster for Help

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