How to Move a Page in Wiki Walkthroughs

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Any walkthrough page can be moved with its entire page contents, images, etc intact. You do this with the Move option in the page options at the top of each page:

Move wiki page.png

Moving a page is more convenient than copying content to another page because it saves you the extra steps needed to cut and paste the content to the new page and deleting the old page. It also leaves a 301 redirect in the old location so anyone who goes to it will automatically redirect to the new page (deleting an old page just means anyone going to it sees a 404 page).

An example of renaming a page might be lke this:

  • old page: walkthrough/Act 1
  • new page: walkthrough/Act 1 - The Beginning

Anyone going to walkthrough/Act_1 will automatically end up at "walkthrough/Act 1 - The Beginning"

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