The Guestbook is a feature that allows other users to sign a small hello or thank-you for others to see. It's sometimes used as an alternative to PMing. Guestbooks haven't been as signed in the last few years as they were before 2008.

Guestbook Options

Neoseeker members can control various aspects of their Guestbook:

  • Enable/Disable Guestbook: Disabled Guestbooks cannot be signed at all.
  • Receive PM on guestbook signing: Enable to receive a PM when someone signs your guestbook.
  • Guestbook Signings control: Controls who can sign your guestbook. Reciprocal signings are better explained in its own section

Reciprocal Signings

When you set the 'Guestbook Signing Control option to "Reciprocal" it means that the only time someone can sign your guestbook is if you have already signed theirs. We recommend if you would like this type of control, to enable "Reciprocals and neofriends only" mode instead, as it gives you a better balance of spam protection and keeping the Guestbook open to more people.

If two people have this feature enabled, then neither one can sign the other's guestbook (unless they are on each other's friendlist and are using "Reciprocals and neofriends only" mode).

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