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For the most expedient response to your inquiries or comments, please send your email to the appropriate addresses below:


  • All technical issues, site problems, or suggestions for making the site more user friendly and/or useful.

  • Readers: use this e-mail to send the staff news tips and suggestions for game reviews. Keep in mind major items we're usually often aware of already, though some we choose not to report on or review. Regarding news, we generally prefer little-known news stories like something you spotted on Twitter or a forum (just a couple of examples). Send anything on weekends.

  • Publishers and public relations: use this e-mail to send the staff assets, press releases, review copies, contest info, etc.

  • Gaming publications: use this e-mail to see your content featured in our meta reviews sections.


General hardware
  • Manufacturers, public relations, and readers: use this e-mail for all hardware related news and promotion related items.

Hardware reviews
  • If you want a hardware product reviewed, please email us here.
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