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Neocrs logo.png

The Contribution Review System, a.k.a. NeoCRS or simply CRS, is the part of the site, run by members such as yourselves, that most incoming contributions are sent through for approval. When they reach their destination here, a member of the CRS team who has the proper permissions will review it, compare it to any previous information already present, check to see if it follows the guidelines and, if there aren't any problems, send it through.

CRS members can be distinguished by the neocrs Rank in their forum posts, and also, it is stated in their "Forum Position" section in their profiles.

The CRS homepage.

How do I become a CRS member?

Go to this thread and make it known that you are interested. In time, if we are conducting a review and would like some new members on the team, or if we have a lack of people in one area, we will use that thread along with the Contribution Rankings to see who we are going to add.

What are the prerequisites for CRS members?

We do tend to look at people with a large amount of neopoints, a good track record in both the forum and with their contributions (not perfect, but we like someone who has been put through the paces!), the quality of the submissions, how long they have been submitting and how extensive they contribute in each area. Becoming a CRS member does not mean you get access to everything at once in most cases, but a small select area where you have shown the most of your skills.

Who are members of CRS?

The currently active members of CRS are:
The currently non-active members of CRS are:

What does the (contactable) tag mean?

The contactable tag is a new implementation by the CRS team. The tag is used to let people know that although that person is not active, they are perfectly able to answer any questions you may have. This tag is useful for pointing out those who have good general/specific knowledge of different parts of CRS that are able to answer your questions despite the fact they're not currently working.

I want to know if something has been rejected, who should I contact?

Any one of us can answer that question, as long as you ask us within seven days. After that, we cannot find out who submitted what, whether it was rejected or accepted or which profile it went to through our abilities. This means that if it was a rather large issue, you'd have to tell us who rejected who from your Contribution Report you recieve daily and see if they remember rejecting it or why. Given that many members see hundreds of contributions a week, this can be a challenge!

I've seen some members listed elsewhere, why not here?

Some members have permissions but do not use them, some lists have not been updated to add those added after 2005 and some members have since left us to go elsewhere. The list provided here is the only one you should trust, since it's the only one which is going to be updated as people join and leave the team.

How do I know who rejected my submissions?

Your Contribution Report will not only detail which submissions of yours have been accepted or rejected, but who rejected/accepted your work to begin with.

Who works with profiles and FAQs?

Profiles, VFAQs and FAQs are special parts of the site which only a select few can access (members who have FAQs attached to their account can manage their FAQs via the FAQ Control Panel. For those submissions, only Wolfwood can approve and reject them. However, in the case of profiles Krunal and teodortenchev (alongside Vandal and Q22, both of whom are inactive from the CRS team at this time) can also work with them to some extent.

Member Permissions

To view a full list of CRS member permissions, please visit CRS Member Permissions.

Your CRS Profile

Members have the ability to check up on their submissions that are either pending review or have been recently approved or rejected through their CRS Profile. You can access your CRS Profile by going to your profile and clicking the CRS Profile or by clicking the CRS link on your User Panel.

Approval Points

Upon entering your CRS Profile, the first page you will see is your Approval Points (not to be mistaken for NeoPoints) page. Approval Points are the ratio of approved vs. rejected contributions multiplied by the number of approved contributions.


Approval Points are useful in obtaining ranks that allow you to rate submissions up or down by different amounts depending on your CRS Rank. CRS staff may approve and reject submissions in their designated areas regardless of points or rank. The ranks are as follows:
  • Disallowed.png Disallowed: Members in this rank cannot access that section of the queue unless they have staff powers in that area.
  • Bronze.png Bronze: Members who have reached the Bronze rank are allowed to access the queue for that particular type of submission and their rates add either +1 up rating or -1 down rating.
  • Silver.png Silver: Members with a Silver rank for a submission type are able to rate submissions with a +2 or -2.
  • Gold.png Gold: Upon reaching Gold rank, the members' rates for that submission give +4 for an up rating or -4 for a down rating.


Users who have Silver and Gold rank in each submission category will have their submissions flagged as high reliability. There is a button so that CRS Approvers can see only High Reliability submissions in each submission type. The idea is also to have a stats box indicate how many High Reliability submissions are waiting for review.

Users who have lower than 30% approval rating in the submission category will have any submissions in that category show up as Low Reliability. (In the case of a person with both Gold status and <30% submission approval ratio the Gold status outweighs the approval ratio. This will be a very RARE case however. The member'd literally have to have over 30,000 submissions for that category to achieve this dubious state.)

Auto approval / rejection

Members who contribute to specific types of content consistently can help to approve CRS items by rating an item up or down. How much they influence this rating is determined by their "reliability". The way it works is that when enough members vote on a submission it will change its status, and high reliability items will become auto approved. It works like this:

  1. When a submission receives 7 points either up or down, its reliability rating will change up or down respectively.
  2. High Reliability items with 7 points will be auto approved and show up on the site.
  3. Low Reliability items with 7 points down will be auto denied and removed from CRS.
  4. Items can move from Low to Normal to High reliability if it gets enough rating points (starting at Low you'd need 21 total points to be auto approved)

In other words, a normal reliability submission requires 14 points to be auto approved / rejected. Low reliability submissions will require +21 points to be approved and -7 points to be rejected.

For a detailed information on how approval points and reliabilities work, please visit CRS Rank Details.

Latest Contributions

Simply clicking on the Latest Contributions tab in your CRS Profile will allow you to see you approved and rejected submissions over the last 15 days. This is very useful if you've deleted your Contribution Report PMs.

Submissions in Queue

The Submissions in Queue tab is the place where you'd go to edit or delete your own submissions that are still waiting for approval. This is useful for large submissions like full profiles and User Reviews where some simple editing can save you getting that submission rejected.

Helpful Links

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