The writer rank is usually a paid, but occasionally voluntary, position with Neo Era Media. Writers are typically hired on a freelance, remote working basis to aid with the production of news content. They are recognizable on the forums by the writer rank under their username. The rank of staff writer may also be used for non-freelance, regular employees of Neo Era Media.

Writers generally do not have moderator capabilities conferred to them as part of their permissions structure.


[edit] Responsibilities

Writers are responsible for the production of news content for publication at Neoseeker or the Neoseeker family of sites. This includes keeping up with the latest happenings in their area of assignment, researching content for articles, communicating and maintaining relationships with industry contacts and producing original articles in accordance with Neoseeker's editorial guidelines and standards. They generally work under the Neoseeker editorial team.

[edit] Current staff writers

[edit] Current writers

[edit] Former writers

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