Word filter

The word filter is a feature employed in the forums, in member profiles and in the NeoPM that checks the posts, comments and messages of users, and automatically changes certain words or phrases. For example, if the word "cow" was censored and it was posted in the forums, it will be overwritten with *bleep* instead.

This is set into place mainly to remove vulgar words, and to prevent members from speaking like sailors and creating an unwanted environment. In the case of status updates and comments, a different censor is utilized to prevent flooding social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, with profanity since it may go against their Terms of Service.

Currently, these are the confirmed words that are censored in the forums, in private messages or in status updates:

  • Cock
  • Cunt(s)
  • Cuntface
  • Fuck
  • Faggot
  • Gay
  • Nigga
  • Nigger(s)

When attempting to post a status update with the word "gay," a message like this will appear:

Error Message (Status Update).png

This message will appear when posting a comment in a status update instead:

Error Message (Comment).png

There are ways to avoid the filter, but doing so is highly discouraged since it may earn you a ban.

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