Wiki Walkthrough Author Guide

Hello and welcome to the guide for writing a Neoseeker wiki walkthrough. This guide is intended to help walkthrough authors create Neoseeker walkthroughs with a uniform look and feel that takes advantage of all of the features in our guide system.


[edit] General Guidelines for walkthroughs

  • Bold all important collectibles, NPCs, items, locations, etc. (Bold using three single quotes around a word)
  • the first page of the guide should include introductory material
  • The walkthrough should aim to help players get 100% completion by mentioning all collectibles, achievements, hidden areas/items/secrets inline with the guide. Meaning if someone followed the guide as they played they would find all these things.
  • Games that are have multiple quests or "open world" nature should still have a walkthrough component that a user can follow in order to play the game in some sort of sequence. Authors should try to group similar quest start points together and similar completion points together.

[edit] Creating the guide homepage

The guide homepage is always to be created in a URL like this:


To create this page, search for the game on Neoseeker, go to the game profile, and then on a desktop/laptop browser look for a button called "Start a Walkthrough" on the right hand side bar like this:

Starting walkthrough button.png

[edit] What to include in the guide homepage

  • The first page of the walkthrough should start with text like "Welcome to Neoseeker's {Game Name} walkthrough and guide."
    • eg: "Welcome to Neoseeker's Dead Rising 4 walkthrough and guide"
  • the first paragraph of the walkthrough should talk about the guide, what it covers etc. Explicitly name all the collectible types, quests, etc.
  • include some background information about the game
  • include a table of contents linking to all major sections of the guide.

Some authors like to include a small blue box at the beginning that outlines what the guide will contain bullet lists of the guide's main features:

What this guide includes.png

The above box was done with the following code:

<div class="alert alert-info">
<i class="icon icon-info-sign pull-right icon-3x"></i> What this guide offers:

* Complete walkthrough to each of the five Grand Tome Worlds.
* Complete walkthrough to the Hivory Tower hub area including locations of all hidden Pagies and Grand Tome World entrances.
* Location Guides for every type of collectible including: Pagies, Ghost Writers, Rextro Arcade Tokens, Mollycools, Health Extenders, Power Boosters and Pirate Treasures. 
* Achievement/trophy guide.

[edit] Tips for making the most of the walkthrough styles

There are a few prestyled elements that can help you make nicely organized guides:

  • lists can be made using asterisks (*) and pound signs (#) for numbered lists.
  • tables can be created using HTML syntax
  • Different colored boxes can be used to give more attention to specific info inline with the guide. Eg you can emphasize that after that section of the game there's a point of no return for the Good vs Bad ending, or you can emphasize there's a hidden item of incredible power in that location.

  • [edit] Tables

    Tables can look like this:

    Table list.png

    The code for table above is this:

    <table class="wikitable table-list">
    <tr><td>Epic Sword</td><td>Top Northeast Corner of Map 1</td><td>100 Gold</td><td>+5 damage</td></tr>
    <tr><td>Epic Shield</td><td>Top Southeast Corner of Map 3</td><td>200 Gold</td><td>+10 Block</td></tr>

    [edit] Boxes for information

    There are several types of boxes:

    [edit] Plain box with background color and no header

    Alert boxes.png

    The code to make the above looking boxes are:

    <div class="alert alert-info">
    This is a blue box
    <div class="alert alert-success">
    This is a green box
    <div class="alert alert-warning">
    This is a yellow box
    <div class="alert alert-error">
    This is a red box

    [edit] Boxes with title header

    This is a box with a title at the top. It looks like this:

    Section box.png

    Code looks like this:

    <div class="section section-info">
    <div class="section-header">This is the title</div>
    This is text inside the box

    [edit] Embedding Youtube Videos

    Just enclose the Youtube URL code in [yt][/yt]

    The URL code is in the URL of the Youtube video to embed,

    This Youtube video URL:

    Is embbedded with this code:

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