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The Wiki Staff tag is the newer version of the Portal Staff tag. To become Wiki Staff, you must be a great contributor, gaining the Wiki Contributor tag, and be very outstanding in a Wiki. If the Wiki you have been working on needs extra staff, and you get noticed, you could become a Wiki Staff member.

They use a green icon, unless they have a more powerful position on the forums such as a moderator or neostaff. Wiki Admins and Super Admins still use the green tag.
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A wikistaff member is also recognisable from their green wikistaff tag that hovers between their avatar and forum rank. (wiki staff) Unlike the moderator tag, this is not affected by the presence of a custom title.

The responsibilities of the Wiki Staff are to constantly monitor their wiki, and to make sure that the information provided is 100% true and not plagiarized. They can also move pages, delete pages, rename pages, and "lock" pages.


[edit] New System

As of November 8, 2011 a new initiative[1] was put in place by the Wiki Super Administration team to abolish staff requests. The application process was deemed ineffective when promoting people to wiki staff due to the substantial waiting period that a lot of the applicants experienced after initially applying to be staff on a wiki of their choosing. All staff will stand the same chance of getting promoted as they would have done via the application process if not more so now that we have a larger team keeping watch on the wikis with our new Wiki Janitor system in place. It also means that the rules may not necessarily apply that were enforced with the application process meaning that members no longer require a minimum of 30 days solid contribution. We'd like to remind you this is case by case and 30 days min should still be expected and will still remain a way that many of the promotions will be dealt with but regardless of this it does not guarantee you a promotion.[2]

[edit] How do I get promoted?

If you're active with your contributions and a wiki super/admin happens to be looking over a wiki you're working on, we'll still take notice of you if we think the wiki needs some more staff and we'll approach you. Be aware that even if you aren't contacted immediately after a 30 day basis of contributing, it doesn't mean we aren't considering you for promotion, sometimes the Wiki Super team will wait a little longer to see if the individual will remain active on the wiki rather than contribute, get the tag, and stop.

[edit] What if I need to request demotion from a wiki?

We understand that you are all volunteers, and really appreciate the hard work that you all put in. We also understand that issues in real life are obviously more important, and should always come first. If you feel that you are for any reason unable to fulfill your duties as Wiki Staff, or cannot devote enough time to one or more of your respective wikis to warrant your position; please follow this link with the name of the wiki you are requesting demotion from and citing a reason in the body if there is one. You could still also PM a wiki admin, but this method will ensure that the first active wiki admin will see the request and deal with it as soon as possible.

[edit] Overhaul

On 28 June 2012, the NeoWiki's ranks had a overhaul. The Wiki Staff tag became defunct and was replaced by the Wiki Moderator tag.

[edit] References

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