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A Wiki Moderator is a NeoWiki rank that was introduced in the NeoWiki overhaul on 28 June 2012. It is similar to the old Wiki Contributor tag in that promotions and demotion are carried out automatically. Therefore, in order to remain as a Wiki Moderator, the user must edit the specific wiki consistently. It is however more closely linked to the Wiki Staff rank in terms of their powers.


[edit] Responsibility

Being a Wiki Moderator comes with a small level of responsibility, in that they are a representation of that wiki and should be the first person you contact if you have any questions for that wiki.

[edit] System

[edit] How do I get promoted?

To qualify for this position you need to:

  • contribute to a certain wiki with a certain amount of bytes
  • contribute for a certain period of time with consistent edits

[edit] Permissions

Differing from the Wiki Contributor rank, the Wiki Moderator has certain powers over their specific wiki, similar to the old Wiki Staff rank. Some of these include, but are not limited to, protect, rollback, delete and undelete.

Wiki Moderators are given permission to move pages on all NeoWikis, and wiki moderators are also able to watch pages on all NeoWikis.

Not only that, but the user will also have access to the NeoWiki Central Forum.

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