Wiki Janitor

Wiki Janitor is a global position held by members in order to clean up and maintain the wikis at a global level. The position was initially announced in the new wiki hierachy as a local position, per wiki. However as of February 14, 2012 the position was made global meaning that Janitors now had basic staff powers on all wikis. The Janitor position is by invitation-only from the Wiki Super Admin team, and is given to users who have shown to be competent and enthusiastic toward to wikis and put in a lot of hard work to their own wiki as well as others.

Janitors have Wiki Staff powers on all wikis, in order for them to carry out the job of cleaning up the wikis aesthetically, grammatically and formally. They do not take on the role of staff if the wiki is lacking a member of such standing but are the first point of contact should users need a page deleting, moving, or protecting. Janitors also exist to help users if they are confused on where to start on a wiki, what to do on a wiki or even don't understand the premise of a wiki. They act as an advisory position in that respect. Janitors also do not hold any authorial position over wikis already with a wiki staff member, but are eligible to offer advise and opinions to wiki staff members should they need or ask for it.

Janitors are currently an 'invisible' position, meaning there are currently no means to identify them from normal wiki staff members. Some Janitors may choose to have a tag in their Custom Title to identify themselves.

[edit] Current Janitors

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