Wiki Contributor

A special member that has contributed multiple times to a wiki and/or ported information over from Portals and added information to the wiki. Once a certain amount of contributions is achieved that member is given a "tag" which is shown on the forums underneath their name and custom title, as well as a link to the wiki(s) they helped with. The amount of contributions is averaged out over a week, so if you're planning on contributing lots all at once, just to gain the tag, then think again - as it will be lost soon after.

At the beginning, the requirements to access the tag were quite simple as Redemption wanted to introduce the neowikis to the Neoseeker population. Once the job has been done, the requirements have been raised again, to a point where it now takes a solid amount of effort to achieve the tag. The amount of contributions needed to gain the tag is kept secret to prevent members to contribute solely for the tag.

[edit] Overhaul

On 28 June 2012, the NeoWiki's ranks had an overhaul. The Wiki Contributor tag became defunct and was replaced by the Wiki Moderator tag.

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