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The Wiki Admin 'Tag'
A step above Wiki Staff, wiki admins are administrators and leaders on a single wiki. The members formerly known as admins are now the Wiki Super Admin team as per the new wiki hierarchy introduced on July 5, 2010. A wiki admin has broader abilities than that of a Wiki Staff member up to and including the ability to promote and demote staff members to the wiki that they are admin of.

In order to become a wiki admin, one must be a staff member in good standing for a prolonged period of time and be an excellent contributor to that wiki. Not every wiki will get an admin, as this position is granted on an invitation-only basis by Super Admins.

One cannot identify a Wiki Admin through conventional means, ie their icon colour or the tag above their avatars. In order to recognise them you must go onto their profile and look under the "Site Positions" section, there you will see (admin) beside the wiki that they staff.

[edit] Responsibilities

The promotion to wiki admin comes a lot more responsibility than just to their own wiki. While the power of the admin is local, their influence is global. Admins are expected to raise awareness of not only their own wiki where possible, but others should they feel a wiki needs, this includes developing and assisting in the initial set up of new and 'struggling' neowikis. They also actively participate in Local wiki planning threads in order to encourage and foster contributions and a community (this often includes encouraging both contributors and non-contributors alike to take ownership of the wiki within the community).

Admins act as team leaders primarily to their own wiki but also to others should they need it. Communication between Janitors, local forum Moderators, Section Moderators and Category Moderators plays an essential part in the admin role in order to maintain and foster a contributing community and allows easy access for those that need help to get it. More often than not the success of this depends on the early creation of wiki threads, proper promotion of wiki threads and active participation within the wiki threads.

This role is also to be see as an organisational role, however not so as much as the already existing Wiki Janitor role. Admins should liase with contributors and the community in order to successfully co-ordinate wiki projects. They will be making sure that people that have promised to contribute are upholding their promises, encourage new contributors to join the wiki environment and develop a basic outline of progress and an ETA for project deadlines in order to efficiently add new and releasing information. Wiki Staff and Wiki Contributors are encouraged to actively talk to a participating wiki admin in order to make themselves aware of possible obstacles that could inhibit the expected ETA of a certain project or to generally ask what needs to be done, what they could improve, etc. A wiki admin should always be aware of what the staff and contributors are doing. However, if a wiki already has staff (that the admin doesn't have explicit power over) then the final say goes down to the wiki staff member for that wiki. In cases such as this the admins are there to look over the staff and provide help and guidance with the experience they have gathered by their time on the staffing team.

Now defunct

[edit] Current Wiki Admins

Name Rank Wiki
Chais | rowspan="3" style="width: 30%; text-align: center; vertical-align:middle;" | Wiki Super Admin White Knight Chronicles
Dragoon Heroes of Ruin
In Motion The Warriors
rowspan="11" style="text-align: center; vertical-align:middle;" | Wiki Admin Professor Layton
Bread Effect My Little Pony
GhostMember Fire Emblem
Gotenks Mario
LanDi Sama Shenmue
LOD-squa Legend of Dragoon
Justin Glee
Phi Okami
Prometheusx303 Disgaea
Tifabelle Final Fantasy
Whelan Pro Evolution Soccer

[edit] Previous Wiki Admins

Name Rank Wiki
Nagare | rowspan="5" style="width: 30%; text-align: center; vertical-align:middle;" | Wiki Admin Magic: The Gathering
Yukari Wakfu
Anubis The Elder Scrolls
Cyanide Mega Man
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