WikiEdit External Links

WikiEdits refers to the system used to edit game, movie, and book profile descriptions using the new "Wiki" like editing system. This system is not to be confused with the NeoWikis themselves. This page is relating to linking to external links on the actual WikiEdit pages.

WikiEdits accept standard nTag code as well as new simplified linking to Wiki pages on Neoseeker, which means you can paste URLs and use [link] tags.

Currently, to prevent spam, Neoseeker profile description WikiEdits do not accept links to external URLs that are not part of the Neoseeker network of sites (GameGrep, NeoWikis, OverclockersClub) from regular members who edit the pages.

If you need to link to external sources please submit instead to the Product URL field, in which we accept official URLs relating to the game, book, or movie in question.

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