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Contributions Guide Draft


The Contributions Guide is a resource contributors can utilise while contributing to Neoseeker. It outlines what to do and what not to do in relation to each individual submission type. In essence, it is a comprehensive listing of how to effectively contribute to Neoseeker.

How to Contribute

Submitting information to Neoseeker in most cases requires the submitter to own a Neoseeker account - which is free and easy to make (Register here). This allows for both recognition of their submissions, as well as the reward system of obtaining NeoPoints. You will then find contribution options at the top right of any profile page (as shown below).

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As mentioned above, NeoPoints are the reward system for contributions made to Neoseeker. Any contribution made will generate at least one NeoPoint. Once a member has over five submissions on their account, they will appear on the Top Contributors List. There are also plans for further use of NeoPoints in the future.

Reviewing your Contributions

Once submitted, your submissions will be put into a queue to await approval by a CRS member. This is so your submissions can be double-checked for validity and quality, as well as stopping any abuse of the contributions system. The CRS (Contribution Review System) team is a body of volunteer members who have proved themselves over time to be exemplary, with a long history of contributing to the site, which in turn gives them the skills and knowledge to effectively manage the contribution queues. If there are ever any problems or questions concerning the CRS, members should not hesitate to contact a member of the CRS team through a PM


The Contributions Guide is a reference list for the submitter to use in order to make the process both clearer and easier. It exists in order to show how to make a quality submission to be approved, and what not to do in order to avoid it being rejected. The Contributions Guide is a partially rewritten version of the original Definitive Guide to Contributions ported to the NeoWiki for convenience reasons. Thank you to all of you who read this - following are the different categories and the submission types within each.


Profile Information

Product URL

The product page URL is a link to the official website for a game. For example, would be submitted for Max Payne 2. Pages held on the publisher and developer sites for the product may also be submitted. Other, non-official links may be submitted to Neoseeker, please see the Websites section of the guide for more information.

Please note that pages for the product on the console manufacturer's website (eg Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) do not count as product URLs unless they are publishing or developing the product.

Product Wiki Description

The Product Wiki Description is a feature which replaced the individual sections for Background, Gameplay, Features, and Hardware and Accessories Information into one, easily-editable format. Unlike other contribution types this information will show up on the live site immediately.

Background: Write an overview of the storyline for the game to give people a taste for what the game is about. This can be easily done through the who, what, when, where, why, and how method. Make sure to include all the important facts to give an effective overview.

Gameplay: Involves how the game plays in terms of controls, weapons, multiplayer, etc. It is information about the game which allows players to find out what the game will play like. Ensure to include information about the options variety of aspects that players can expect to engage with during gameplay.

Features: The features list is for telling people about what the game has. This can include such things as levels, multiplayer options, special game-exclusive mechanics, etc.

Hardware: The hardware necessary for playing the game. For PC/Mac/Linux this would be things like the OS, RAM, Processor etc. For consoles and handhelds, this will relate to accessories that are not required for most games.


  • Submit a Profile Wiki Description for games that don't have one, or to update what currently exists
  • Copy official press information for Gameplay and Features. A good place to look is the official site, developer/publisher site, or a trusted source
  • Ensure a functional level of grammatical correctness, checking that everything makes sense and is spelled correctly
  • Feel free to use basic markup such as bullet points to make your Profile Wiki Description submission look more professional
  • Copy hardware information/minimum requirements from official websites or a trusted source
  • List any accessories needed to play the game - this means any add-ons such as pieces sold with the game, like the wheel for Mario Kart Wii or the maracas for Samba de Amigo
  • Explain where a subscription is needed to play the game (such as an Massive Multiplayer Online game)


  • Submit information you have not proofread and ensured is up to decent grammatical standards. This includes not writing in the personal sense, which means no statements such as "I like this game" or "I had some issues with it". Your description is to be impartial and informative, without opinion
  • Add a Profile Wiki Description that gives little helpful information about the game
  • Copy profile descriptions from other non-official sites
  • Submit accessory information without including whether it's needed to play the game or not. For example, you can use Wii Speak with Monster Hunter Tri, but you don't need it to play the game

Release Dates

A Release Date is when that game was officially put into the market for that specific region.


  • Submit Release Dates from official websites and trusted sources (major gaming sites and retailers)
  • Submit approximate Release Dates as placeholders from shows such as E3 or official/trusted sites IF no specific Release Date has yet to be announced
  • Submit quarterly Release Dates from shows or official/trusted sites if no specific or approximate Release Date has yet to be announced
  • Ensure to include a functioning link to a website or issue number and name of a magazine for a source


  • Submit a Release Date without a proper source and having checked it for validity
  • Submit a Release Date for a region that is not receiving the game

Developer/Publisher Information

This is for the official Developer/Publisher of the game.


  • Ensure the validity of your source; which includes checking the actual official site of the Developer/Publisher
  • Submit a Developer/Publisher, even if the one you're looking to submit doesn't exist. Simply make a note of it in the Notes text field and the CRS team will take care of it for you
  • Use the North American publisher where applicable.


  • Use sites that aren't official or trusted
  • Submit the Developer/Publisher of a previous title in the series without first checking that they're also working on the new title.


A Perspective is the main point of view used for the majority of the game.


  • Submit mulitple Perspectives for the single game if it uses more than one point of view for a large portion of time


  • Submit Perspective information if the game doesn't use any particular Perspective for an extensive period of time
  • Submit multiple Perspectives if the game does not use those Perspectives for an extensive period of time


Themes are the sub-genres of a game.


  • Submit multiple Themes if those Themes are present for most of the game
  • Submit the current Themes as well as any new Themes if adding to currently existing data
  • Untick any Themes that do not apply to that game if fixing a mistake in the sub-genre listing


  • Submit multiple Themes if those Themes are not present for most of the game
  • Remove existing Themes if they do apply to that game

Profile Minipics

The Profile Minipic is a small image used on the profile page, in site searches, and in the forum.


  • Submit a Profile Minipic with the required dimensions of 68x63 (width x height) pixels
  • Ensure the suitability of the Profile Minipic if the game exists on multiple platforms
  • Submit a Profile Minipic that includes the logo of the game
  • Replace a current Profile Minipic if it is appropriate to do so


  • Submit an image with a weight greater than the maximum limit of 7.5 KB
  • Submit the Box Shot of a game (see the Box Shots section for more information)
  • Submit images with a distorted aspect ratio (ie stretched image in one direction)
  • Submit images of a poor quality
  • Submit an animated image
  • Replace an existing Profile Minipic if the current one is sufficient

Alternative Titles

An Alternative Title is the official title of a game that exists in a region other than the North American (NA) region (as the NA region name is used for the profile name - if the name is wrong, replace it using the Profile Name feature)


  • Submit an Alternative Title with the correct spelling, this includes any special accent letters such as the "e" in Pokémon
  • Select multiple regions if the same alternate title is used in more than one location
  • Use an official/trusted source and feel free to double check it by other means such as an official Box Shot


  • Submit an Alternative Title which is only speculated upon or a rumour
  • Submit a fan based title.
  • Submit an Alternative Title which is only a slight variation on any existing name, such as the initials (Often just a case of a variation of the name used by a different site)
  • Submit the NA name of a game as an Alternative Title, please use the Profile Name feature

Profile Name

The profile name is the main name the product is known by. For the purposes of Neoseeker, the name used in USA is the one that should be assigned here where applicable.


  • Submit a profile name to correct the existing one if it is wrong
  • Submit the full profile name, in cases where the game uses a subtitle but is missing it
  • Submit a change to remove the (Import) from the game name once a localised release is confirmed


  • Submit a profile name change if it only applies to a specific platform version of the game. Please contact a member of CRS in this case.
  • Submit fan based names. The GBA Fire Emblem may be known to fans as Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword but this is not the official title used by the publisher.

Player Information

Player Information is the amount of players that can play offline/online together in co-op/versus modes.


  • Submit Player Information from an official/trusted source
  • Use the "2-4", "8 max" or "unlimited" options
  • Submit to the correct offline or online, co-op or versus options as appropriate


  • Submit Player Information without using the provided formats


The Cheats section is made up of a number of different categories, each having a very clear and distinct defintion which should be acknowledged at all times while submitting. A submitter should ensure they're using the correct category before submitting to the Cheats section.

As a general note, all submissions should use good spelling and grammar and be easy enough to understand. A cheat is not much use if other people can't understand it.

Hints & Tips

A Tip is one of the most misunderstood submissions when it comes to Cheats and indeed, the site itself. The Tips section is NOT for any submissions of personal preference. It is only for solid, genuine ways of progressing in an easier fashion. Anything which is open to multiple interpretations is therefor a no-go.


  • Submit solid information which will allow for the player to progress easier than using normal methods. Such examples are a secret shortcut or the use of a special feature in a way that isn't explained to the player.
  • Submit a genuine way of beating/progressing past something that is not already expected of the player. E.g. When defeating a boss, there’s for example a hidden switch you can hit, or a weak spot that doesn't have to be hit but will allow you to overcome that boss easier.


  • Submit a Tip telling someone to bring along x amount of this, that and some of those. This includes using A, B and C with a step-by-step instruction on how you personally feel something should be done, such things are best kept to the forum or a Guide. The Tips section is not for explaining how to get by each part of the game through personal preference. Such an example is open to thousands of variations and is therefore not considered a substantial Tip submission.
  • Submit a Tip about how to acquire money or experience easier. Like the aforementioned elastic Tip submission, the acquirement /generation of money and experience can be achieved through numerous avenues. A prime example is Runescape, where there is an abundance of money/experience making opportunities. Again, such things are better kept to the forum or a Guide.
  • Submit a Tip which is merely an expression of common sense. An example of this is something like “Don’t hide behind that, it can blow up and kill you!”, as it is merely an expression of the obvious and a game feature which is easily known/learned by the player
  • Explain anything obvious about the gameplay. Such examples include defining a feature (defining a feature is giving an explanation about it: e.g. Blah blah does this and that, and if you do this to it then this will happen) or perhaps a move, which is part of the controls of the game.


A password is a code that is entered at a specific screen which then in turn has an effect on the game such as unlocking something.


  • Submit a password that needs to be entered at a specific screen with an applicable effect on the game. Such examples include a god mode, increased health, or even unlocking a level.
  • Submit a Password with the correct input, a succinct title and an informative description of where to input it and what it does.


  • Submit any sort of Cheat device code or Command Code, those belong in their respective device section or the Command Code option, not the Cheats section.
  • Submit a Password without knowing if it works or what it does.
  • Submit a Wonder Mail password for the Pokémon series. Unfortunately, generator programs means there can be a near infinite amount of variations for these, so all Wonder Mail codes are rejected.

Rewards, Accomplishments and Unlockables

This category is for something the player is awarded for a specific action or set of actions - something which is otherwise unobtainable. It is not for items that one can just find lying around, or anything obvious that does not require a special means of acquiring. Rewards obtained should be optional and not required to complete the main game.


  • Submit things which are genuinely achievable and considered achievements within the game. Such examples include doing a specific series of actions in order to unlock a certain item, level, or other object which is not normally available or simply hidden.
  • Submit game modes, costumes or other rewards obtained for completing the game or meeting optional goals in the game (for example, completing a Campaign mode to unlock a Survival mode).


  • Submit things such as an item you can buy from the shop. It’s not an unlockable or any sort of reward – rather, it is personally acquired through normal means. The exception is if you need to complete specific optional conditions before the item appears in the shop.
  • Submit your personal accomplishments – the section does not exist to display your personal triumphs and stories of glory (though please feel free to share such things in the respective forum!).


Glitches are another category which is quite often misunderstood. A Glitch is an error in the programming of a game which wasn't removed before the release and can therefore be successfully reproduced to cause some unplanned occurrence within the game.


  • Submit widely-known glitches which are obviously present within every single unit of any one edition of that game.
  • Cleary explain that glitch, including a polite warning if it has any negative effects such as the ability to wipe someone’s game and cause them to lose their hard-earned progress.
  • If the glitch was patched in later published editions of the game make sure to note what versions the glitch applies to.


  • Submit a glitch which is specific to your game. Scratching your disc and suddenly experiencing glitches within your game, for example, does not constitute a sufficient Glitch submission
  • Submit something along the lines of “and you can see through that object if you stand near it in a specific way”. This is just the programming and is very common with older games. In this case, it is simply the power and design of the graphics and is not a Glitch.
  • Submit translation errors or typos. These can be fairly common, especially in text heavy games such as RPGs. They also do not fit the definition of a Glitch.

Easter Eggs/Hidden Goodies

An Easter Egg is something genuinely hidden by the developer, often with some meaning or reference embedded within it. It may be a graphic relating to another game (for example, a picture of Mario hidden in a Zelda game). Anything else, such as something the submitter just thinks is cool, or had personal trouble finding, is not an Easter Egg.


  • Submit a hidden message, in-joke, or feature/object deliberately placed by the developer in the game for players to find.


  • Submit something you had trouble finding but cannot confirm is a genuine Easter Egg; just because you had personal difficulties finding something, it does not make it an Easter Egg.
  • Submit something you think is cool/interesting as it is again personal and not confirmable as a proper Easter Egg submission.
  • Submit a reference to another game in the same series and timeline if it is to do with the story. For example, Zelda: Wind Waker references the events of Ocarina of Time, but this is part of the story and is therefore not an Easter Egg.

Command Codes

Somewhat similar to a Password, a Command Code is a series of button inputs entered at a specific location to produce a specific effect. Note that these effects are usually along the lines of invincibility, infinite ammo or immediately unlocking rewards. It does not cover things like move combos.


  • Submit an actual Command Code, including a succinct title and informative description.


  • Submit any sort of Cheat device code or Password, those belong in their respective device section or the Password option, not the Command Codes section.


Achievements (specific to Xbox 360) and Trophies (specific to Playstation 3 and Vita) are awarded to players in certain games for completing tasks set by the developer. A record of these are usually kept on a player's Xbox or Playstation account.


  • Submit the Achievement/Trophy name, Gamerscore or trophy rank and official description.


Gameshark, Action Replay, and Codebreaker Codes

Gameshark, Action Replay, and Codebreaker Codes are code submissions that require the use of a cheating device. These function of two types of code, a Master Code and regular codes. A Master Code is essential, as a player must put that code in first before they can use any others.


  • Submit a Master Code by ticking off the Master Code box
  • Group together multiple submissions if they are of a common theme
  • Submit a Gameshark, Action Replay, or Codebreaker Code with the correct input, a succinct title and an informative description
  • Submit codes using the correct layout. Refer to this document for details.


  • Submit a Master Code and regular codes in the same submission. Please ensure to keep a Master Code entirely separate
  • Submit codes that were created by a device used in tandem with the Gameshark, Action Replay, and/or Codebreaker, including but not limited to Pokésav and Pokégen. Codes of this variety are not accepted on Neoseeker due to the near-infinite number of possibilities.
  • Group together multiple submissions if they do not share a common theme.


Screenshots are any snapshot (still image) of a particular point in time during gameplay. It gives players an insight into what the game looks and plays like. Also, please do not confuse a Screenshot with a Concept Art (explained below).

Most game platforms must have dimensions of at least 300 x 200 (width x height). DS and 3DS images must be at least 256 x 384. PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 and PC must be at least 500 x 320.


  • Submit screenshots that you've taken yourself (for example, creating a screendump during a PC game, using a video capture card plugged into TV and so on)
  • Submit screenshots from official sources, like the official game site, publisher or developer site.
  • Utilise Neoseeker's multiple screenshot submission form to send in more than one image at a time
  • Feel free to add a relatively brief comment that pertains to the image
  • Note in the screenshot caption if you've taken the screenshot from the BETA version of a game. This is important as BETA versions may not necessarily reflect the final release of a game
  • When submitting screenshots for games on the Nintendo DS/3DS platform, include BOTH screens


  • Submit screenshots from other game sites (this is very important!) - especially if they have a "watermark" on them (ie. an icon showing that the screenshot came from that site). Note that watermarks or logos on screens from the official sites are fine
  • Edit out the watermark from another site (also very important!)
  • Submit more than 20 "out of gameplay" screenshots, or submit enough "out of gameplay" screenshots to put the profile over this limit
  • Attempt to increase the size of an image or resize without maintaining the original aspect ratio. This will hurt the quality and will likely result in rejection.
  • Submit multiple screenshots that are very similar in appearance. We would prefer screenshot galleries to be varied in content.
  • Submit screenshots of poor quality

If your image submissions are not suitable for the screenshot or concept art sections then you can upload any images of your own to the Neoseeker Gallery and attach them to a profile. While this will not earn neopoints the images will show up on the screenshots page for that product.

Concept Art

Concept Art is a drawing, render, or any other hand-drawn or computer-generated image created by the developer/publisher as propaganda (promotional for the game). They may depict such things as characters, vehicles, weapons, a scene, etc. They often have traits which make it obvious they are Concept Art: high quality, large dimensions, brush strokes, etc.

Each piece of Concept Art must be at least 250 x 250 (width x height) pixels and have a limit of 1600 x 1280 pixels.


  • Submit concept art from official sources, like the official game site, publisher or developer site.
  • Utilise Neoseeker's multiple Concept Artwork submission form to submit several images simultaneously
  • Feel free to add extra information: a Caption, Description or Artist.


  • Submit concept art from another gaming site, especially if it has a watermark on it
  • Edit out the watermark on an image from another site
  • Don't distort the image; when resizing, ensure you constrain the proportions to keep the right dimensions of the original image
  • Try to increase the size of the image, it'll just stretch it and decrease the quality
  • Fill the artist field with the name of the developer/publisher, it is only for the name of the person who create the image
  • Make any personal changes to the image (e.g. decorations)
  • Submit Fanart, screenshots, or any other form of image media which is not Concept Art

Box Shots

The Box Shot area has three sections: front covers, back covers and media (i.e. disc or cartridge). Box Shots are attributed to the four main regions being NA, EU, JP, and AU.

Submissions to this area have the requirement of at least 145 pixels wide. Next generation consoles (Wii, Xbox 360 and Wii), however, have a minimum requirement of between 300 to 450 wide (it's best to check what is asked of you as you submit to that platform!)


  • Submit the largest cover you can find. If it needs to be decreased in size, the site will automatically shrink it for you
  • Submit high quality, self-scanned images
  • Submit front, back and media shots as a set if you have more than one (this is important, please do not submit them separate!)
  • Use the replace feature to take the place of a pre-existing image if it needs updating (e.g. Submitting a Box Shot which has the official rating to replace a shot which said "rating pending")
  • Submit shots from online video game retailers (e.g. Amazon)
  • Use the Caption field when submitting a special edition cover (e.g. A Limited Edition Box Shot, which is allowed to be submitted as a separate shot to a region which may already have a Box Shot set, as it's another official set)


  • Submit Box Shots from other sites, especially if it has a watermark on it
  • Submit Box Shots of poor quality
  • Submit a pair of shots together from different regions (region separation is important!), but feel free to submit them separately and appropriately
  • Submit Box Shots with white space around them, or anything else which is not directly related to the shot itself, as it should be cropped out

Game FAQs and Walkthroughs

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Guides are detailed documents providing a plethora of useful information . They can be for the overall game, or something more specific. After a member has uploaded a FAQ/Guide, they can then access the FAQ Control Panel found here (also known as faqcp) or through their member profile to edit and maintain their submission.

For more detailed information, feel free to check out the FAQ/VFAQ Authors and Feedback Forum.


Complete Series

A Complete Series is a profile which games of a particular series can then be attached to, as well as other submissions such as Fanart.


  • Submit all existing profiles on Neoseeker that belong to that series
  • Write up a succinct and informative description of that series so people can find out what it's about


  • Submit profiles that do not belong to that series
  • Leave the description field blank, try to submit as an informative description as possible (even if you know nothing, a few minutes of reading can do wonders!)
  • Try to submit a Complete Series with less than two different games (a single game across multiple consoles does not count, they must be distinct titles)

Series Info

Series Info is a submission of information to an existing Complete Series. It can take the form of three different submissions: attaching a profile that belongs in that series, licensees for things such as concepts or characters from one series used in another, and new descriptions for Complete Profiles.


  • Attach new profiles to the correct Complete Series
  • Attach a profile to multiple series if applicable
  • Add a licensee to show that a concept or character was used in a series from another game/series
  • Update the description if it is incorrect or you can have more information to add


  • Attach a profile to the incorrect Complete Series
  • Add a false licensee
  • Add a new description if it not a correction or a productive change of the original


Fanart is member-created content in the form of a picture pertaining to a series (e.g. A drawing of Mario). A detailed set of rules and guidelines can be found here.

Similar Products

A Similar Product is a recommendation by a member of a game/movie/book with a strong sense of similarity to another game/movie/book.


  • Write a succint and informative description of why those two products are similar


  • Submit a Similar Product for two profiles in the same series (e.g. If you're submitting to a Call of Duty game, don't submit a Call of Duty title)
  • Submit multiple entries from another game series. If you have submitted one Disgaea game to the Final Fantasy Tactics profile then you do not need to submit Disgaea 2 as well.
  • A description that does not explain clearly why those two profiles are similar


Neovideos is a section of Neoseeker which allows members to upload videos to applicable profiles, supporting a range of formats.


  • Submit videos you've recorded yourself
  • Submit official teasers and trailers made by the developer
  • Submit videos of the highest quality you can manage
  • Include a warning in the description if there is anything in the video that is relatively explicit
  • Write a succinct and informative title and description for the video
  • Submit videos of up to 200 MB in size


  • Submit a video which is copyrighted
  • Submit videos of or including inappropriate content (e.g. Porn)


The Websites section is for the submission of fansites pertaining to a particular profile.


  • Submit a working link to a dedicated fan website
  • Submit a link to your own fan website
  • Submit other online resources which provide coverage for a game
  • Submit sites that have been around at least several months for stability reasons


  • Submit the official website for that profile, that's what the Product URL is for
  • Submit a site which contains any inappropriate material
  • Submit sites mainly based around user-generated content (e.g. Forums or Wikis)

Professional Articles

Professionally published articles can also be listed within Neoseeker's index. These will show up in their respective section within a game's profile (for example, if a published review is submitted, it will show up under the "Professional Reviews" section of a game profile). Each article link is worth 1 contribution point. Published reviews make up the "Net Top Rated Games", and part of the "All Time Favorite Games" statistics, on the main Game pages for each system.

Published Article Types

You can submit professional reviews, previews, roundups, interviews, editorals and guides. Examples of published articles can be found on websites such as GameSpy, IGN and GameSpot. A published guide differs from a FAQ in the way that it consists of more than one page (for examples of published guides you can look in websites such as IGN Guides).

Article Submission Guidelines


  • Submit links to reviews/previews from gaming review sites (such as the aforementioned examples) or your own dedicated site (provided it has remained active for several months already).
  • Send in links for other articles from gaming sites that meet the definition of another article type covered by our resource submission process.
  • Send in links for official walkthrough pages for games.
  • Ensure submitted sites have been around for several months for stability


  • Submit links to other article indexing sites that serves the same purpose that Neoseeker does. It can becoming irritating for the visitor to be constantly redirected to different sites with more links on.
  • Submit sites with content that could be deemed inappropriate.
  • Submit news articles. Our sister site Gamegrep is ideal for news items but they don't fit into the resources section of the profiles on Neoseeker.

User Reviews

Neoseeker welcomes user review submissions from its members. User Reviews have quality requirements in addition to a few basic rules before they can be approved. Please take the time to go over the linked articles.

User Reviews may be subject to a requires edit action, where you will be asked to make certain amendments to the submission. The typical time limit for this is 7 days. Please attend to your submission or contact the CRS member involved prior to this deadline.


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