Troubleshooting Slow Pages on Neoseeker

Slow pages on Neoseeker can be generally broken down into 2 categories:

  1. It takes a long time for the page to start loading (the browser sits there doing nothing at all when you click a link, on some browsers you see it say "Waiting for" or you will see the browsing waiting to do something).
  2. Or the page starts to load, but it takes a long time to show the whole page or your browser feels really sluggish and takes a long time before you can use the page as you like.

Before you can troubleshoot, you have to determine if it is problem 1, or problem 2, as the two imply totally different causes. Sometimes BOTH problems are occurring. When reporting problems in the forums be sure to be clear about this.

[edit] It takes a long time for the page to start loading


  1. You click on a link, the status bar of your browser says it is waiting for a response, but it keeps sitting there.
  2. While waiting for a response, NOTHING from the new page shows on the screen at all, it won't render anything at all on the screen.

What to do:

When the page is 100% loaded, go to the bottom of the page to see how long it took for our servers to generate the page. In the forums this is found on the bottom right of the page and looks like :

[ server id: venture ··· elapsed: 0.4924869537 ]

You are looking for the part after elapsed:. If this time is high (say higher than 0.5 seconds) it is part of your problem. How big of a part depends on this: Is that time close to the amount of time you think it takes for the page to load? Try clicking on a page, and count approximately how long it takes. Once you count or time that and compare the result with the elapsed time you can know the following:

  1. if you count that it takes 10 seconds for a page to load and the elapsed time of the page is 10.35seconds it means that the SERVERS ARE AT FAULT. Anytime the time that a page takes to load is matched by the elapsed time it is a Neoseeker problem. And you can report it as that (give details and URLs).
  2. if you time that it takes 10 seconds for the page to load, and the elapsed time of the page is 0.5seconds, it means that it is probably a connection problem (either Neoseeker or you). Please see this document on troubleshooting connection problems and report in the forums what you discover in there.

[edit] The page loads, but takes a long time to finish loading the whole page


  1. The Neoseeker pages appear to start loading, but parts of the screen sit unfinished for many seconds.
  2. Sometimes the page will start to load fast, but then stop and sit there for a long time, maybe with just the header of the page. It might completely stall or finish loading slowly
  3. The page may take a long time to finish loading, and when finished loading the browser appears to still be doing alot of work talking to servers.
  4. Your browser, or all browser, or entire computer may feel really sluggish while the page is displaying, when it gets stuck while displaying the page, or after it loads.

What causes these types of problems?

This is a complex issue. It can relate to the following:

  1. You may have a network problem to Neoseeker. If you experience problems with the screen sitting there for a while slowly drawing more and more of Neoseeker you might want to check our troubleshooting connection problems page.
  2. You may have a network problem to ads, or our javascript hosts. You can tell this is happening when the browser sits there waiting for or or any other destination.
  3. If your browser seems to work REALLY SLOW after the page loads or while it loads, it could mean your computer or browser is too slow to work with some of our features, or that flash ads might be slowing down your computer. You can tell this is happening by opening up a resource monitor (Task Manager in Windows works) and seeing what your CPU is doing when you visit Neoseeker. Close all other browsers and apps and make sure that the CPU load is near 0 before you start your testing.

[edit] What to Report

After you do some of the above troubleshooting you can report in the bug reports forum what you are experiencing, including details learned from this Troubleshooting Guide. Please also specify your browser type, OS, and browser version.

Here's a template for some questions that help us troubleshoot:

  1. Does the server elapsed time appear to be really high when a page is slow? (make sure this is consistently true)
  2. Does your page take a long time to start rendering?
  3. Or does the page start to render but take along time to finish?
  4. Do you see the browser waiting for any URLs while loading the page? Please tell us the URLs that appear to be slowing the page down.
  5. Does the browser appear to lock up or otherwise do strange things during, or after the page loads?
  6. Does it look like your CPU usage gets really high and stays high for as long as the page is slow to load?
  7. What is your OS?
  8. What browsers have you tried this on (please include version number). Does it happen the same on all browsers?
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