The Pokémon Community OT and ID List


[edit] Introduction

This list aims to provide every trader in the community verification against claims of "legitimate shiny" hatches and encounters. Want to stop people passing "shinified" hacks off as legitimate? All that is required of you is your OT name/IGN and Trainer ID Number from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

[edit] How to find out your OT name and Trainer ID Number

You can check this information by going to the Summary Page of a Pokémon that you have hatched or caught yourself in the game. "OT" and "ID No." precede the OT Name and Trainer ID Number respectively.

[edit] How to be added

Use the form given below or mention all of the essentials required to be added to this list and post it in the thread: [
OT name:
ID No.:

[edit] Current list

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