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The Lobby is a general discussion forum, hosted by Neoseeker, categorized under the "Lounges" section of the forum category list. The board was created on 9th February 2012[1], as a result of a suggestion made in ReQuests, Feedback and Suggestions by tekmosis[2], and opened to the first posters on 14th February, albeit on a limited, invite-only basis.[3][4]

The ultimate purpose of the forum is to provide a discussion area free from discrimination, insults and immaturity which have plagued other boards and cultivate an environment of open and interesting conversation on a wide variety of topics which hold discussion value.[5]


[edit] Invite Process

Upon initial opening only 27 users were invited to post within the board[6], although it remained publicly viewable by everyone in order to demonstrate posting expectations from the outset.[7] A further 20 people were added on 17th February.[8] 17 additional posters were also added on 18th February 2012, bringing the total membership to 64.[9]

The reason an invitational approach was taken was to ensure solid foundations were laid down from the beginning in accordance with the board's ethos in a controlled, easily manageable way. These foundations would then provide exemplar content for those gaining posting access at a latter point.[10][11]

It has been made emphatically clear that the forum will be made completely open to posting by everyone after the initial opening period.[12][13][14][15][16]

Stipulations have been set that mandate the invitation of an additional 5-10 new posters to the forum's roster on a daily basis for a set amount of time, approximately 2-3 weeks, after which the forum will be made completely open to everyone.[17]

[edit] Forum Guidelines

There will be no comprehensive list of rules here documenting what you can and cannot do explicitly. We largely leave that up to your own judgement and common sense. The ethos of the forum we're attempting to cultivate is one of mutual respect for each other as well as the promotion of interesting conversation in a mature, yet casual, environment. We ask posters to keep this aim in mind whenever making a contribution here.

[edit] Positive Posting

Some posting traits we feel help foster this ideology:

  • Avoid making personal attacks on other posters. This doesn't help build a community.
  • Make thoughtful opening posts when creating threads. If you're linking a news article, for example, give your point of view on it initially in order to spark up the discussion. Try to use the post tagging feature too to make threads easier to access and filter through.
  • Steer clear of posting memes. Largely, they're childish, unoriginal and boring; particularly for the 1,000th time. There's plenty of other places around which embrace them.
  • Gravitate away from making one-word responses or posting constant jokes. While sometimes appropriate given a situation, as well as recognizing that the environment here intends to be casual, you're not on Live at the Apollo and shouldn't be competing for the biggest laugh all the time. At least try to mix them in with other positive contributions to the discussion. A thread full of comedians makes for a boring, and often predictable, read.

[edit] Stuff To Avoid

There's a few things we'd rather not have here. This isn't a definitive list but to give you an idea:

  • Topics of a crude, distasteful or sexually explicit nature. This isn't what we mean by "mature environment" and they don't belong on the site period. Again, there's plenty of other places which cater for this stuff. Go get your jollies elsewhere.
  • Forum game threads. They hold no real discussion value and are more appropriate in Loungin', subject to the approval of the moderators there.
  • Random comparison threads (Pepsi vs Coke). Again, they hold no discussion value and are more appropriate elsewhere.
  • "How Old Are You", "What Is Your Gender?", "Which Country Are You From?" topics. No discussion value... *yawn* you get the ongoing theme here.

[edit] Stuff We Want

We see this forum as more outward-facing than other boards meaning the subject matter, while not exclusively so, would tend to deal with more real-world and real-life situations. Along those lines, decent contributions could include:

  • Topics regarding topical issues and current events.
  • Discussion of breaking news stories or events as they're unfolding.
  • Sharing interesting news articles with the community that you've found whilst giving yours and soliciting others' opinions.
  • Threads asking advice on personal situations or issues from fellow members.
  • Basically any thread that's interesting and is worthwhile discussing. The scope of this forum is broad.

[edit] We're In This Together

To conclude, we want this community to succeed. Hopefully you do as well. This is your community. This forum exists for you. Treat it as such and take an active role in ensuring the environment here is a positive one. This is easy to do; even just being a regular, interesting and positive poster yourself assists in setting the tone and atmosphere of this board and provides a clear example for others to follow.

If you see someone disrespecting your community by behaving in ways contrary to our ethos, take action. Don't just tut and sit idly by; use the tools you have as members like the report feature, which seems greatly underused in recent times, to both demonstrate to the offender that their behavior is unacceptable to the majority as well as to help us in dealing with it.

As moderators, we cannot enforce an environment upon you with an iron fist. It has been tried; it doesn't work. The desire and drive to maintain the ethos of this board must be present from all of those who participate in it at every level. The reason for this desire should be to preserve the sanctuary we have set up here away from the community's more juvenile elements.

This board is your haven for decent, laid-back conversation about stuff that matters. This is a sacred place and one we must preserve, as such environments seem to be increasingly difficult to find online these days. This project's failure would also be an admission that the social side of Neoseeker really does not get better than Loungin' and the environment there is the best we can ever hope to achieve on the site with our current community.

Don't let this opportunity pass us by, guys. This forum could well play a significant role in defining the type of member Neoseeker attracts heading into the future by being an immensely positive and marketable area of the site. You're the generation who have a chance to lead this new era. Let's not let this rare opportunity of a clean slate which has been afforded to us go to waste.

[edit] Moderation History

[edit] Trivia

  • The original name in the RFS thread was 'The Cabaret'
  • 'The Lobby' name was suggested by Xenctuary

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