The Clan Which Must Not Be Named


[edit] Introduction

The Clan Which Must Not Be Named or The Nameless Clan (TNC) was created on November 9, 2014.

[edit] Current Members

TNC Clan Members
Member Clan Points
beanwich 26
Charisma -
Emeraldasp 6
Grayson -
gsdfhf -
hood135 56
IamthebestNever 53
jealousbean -
jmargerum 6
KitKat987 16
Lesley Pro_04 33
Roxchu -
Saku 76
WesG828 6
Yakkov 6
ZiR 32

[edit] How To Earn Clan Points

TNC Clan Points (CP)
Contribution Clan Points
Stay active and post regularly 3 (per month)
Create a customized clan signature 5
Create a customized clan banner 10
Host an inter-clan giveaway 10
Create customized clan member sprites / clan graphics 18 (1 per sprite/graphic)
Host an inter-clan event or battle tourney 20
Host an inter-clan roleplay 50
Draw full clan member sketches 180 (10 per sketch)
Edit a wiki -

[edit] Clan Points

Any member of the clan can earn Clan Points if one of the criteria listed above is met. It is the duty of the member who earns the Clan Points to show proof for his/her contribution when asking to update this table or updating the table him/herself. Any existing member of the clan can edit this wiki.

  • Clan Points will have their own role in the future. Unsuccessful contributions will not be rewarded. There are no deadlines for contributions. Clan Points (CP) are replaced by Praise Points (PP) after entering the hall of fame.
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