Steam ID on Neoseeker


[edit] Steam on Neoseeker

Neoseeker tracks your Steam achievements and games in our Steam Community system. Add your SteamID today and have your achievements show up your member profile!

Neoseeker supports three options for adding your Steam account to Neo but lets run down on the following formats first.

[edit] Formats

  • SteamID - tekmosis
  • SteamID64 - 76561197960550263
  • Full SteamID (classic) - STEAM_0:1:142267

Notice.png Note: Neoseeker supports all three! However when it is displayed you'll only see your SteamID.

[edit] SteamID or Alias

This is one of the easiest ways to get your SteamID onto Neoseeker, if you already have a custom URL it is the EASIEST way - you just type the "custom" name from your URL (the URL's look like If you do not already have a Steam Alias you will have to make one using the below instructions:

[edit] Creating your Steam Alias

  1. Login to the Steam Community.
  2. Click the "Edit My Profile" link on the right hand side
  3. If the box is blank for the Custom URL, enter an alias. This is the ID that Neoseeker needs.
  4. If you've just created the ID, click save. Steam will make sure it's an unique alias.

Custom url.gif

[edit] SteamID64

SteamID64 is the original ID on your account. If you have no custom URL your Steam Community profile page will default to a long string of digits, like 76561197963628518 (eg Just grab that part from your URL.

You can also calculate your SteamID64 from your classic Full SteamID using the formula below.

[edit] Calculating SteamID64

To calculate this number use the following formula:


  • X = 0
  • Y = 1
  • Z = 142267
  • Forumla: W = (Z x 2) + 76561197960265728 + 1

[edit] Validation

Upon submission we will validate your SteamID to make sure that it is legitimate. Your Steam profile must be public for us to get that information. If you would like your games and achievements to show up on Neoseeker you must set your privacy on Steam to public.

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