Steam Community

Neoseeker automatically grabs information from Steam about its various games and achievements and adds this to the database. Combined with the Steam ID on Neoseeker, all this information is compiled into the Steam Community area of the site.


[edit] Community Home

The home page gives an overview of various factors of the Steam Community. Most notably, it serves as a place to see the most recent additions to our data on Steam Achievements, as well as recently added Steam IDs and forum posts in the Steam forum. Information on the most played Steam titles and a leaderboard for users is also located here.

[edit] Games List and Achievements

Clicking the Games List tab brings you to a page that lists all the games Neoseeker has retrieved information from Steam about. Clicking a game name takes you to a detailed view showing the available achievements, the unlock progression of Neoseeker members, recent players and the achievement leaderboard specifically for that game.

This data won't always be correctly linked to the relevant Neoseeker product profile. Neoseeker members can link the data to a profile through a few steps.

[edit] Linking Steam Data and Neoseeker Profiles

First step is to locate the Steam data in the Games List part of the Steam Community section and clicking the name to go to the detailed view.

[edit] A Neoseeker Product Profile Exists

A dropdown menu should appear along with the message "Halp! - This Steam game isn't associated to a game on Neoseeker...yet! Why not help out and attach it?". Use the dropdown to select the game profile you wish to attach the Steam data to, then click the "Yes" button to confirm it.

The data should now display the tabs from the product profile and should also be reachable via the Achievements tab of the product profile.

[edit] A Neoseeker Product Profile Does Not Exist

If the dropdown does not appear but the data is not already attached to a profile then it's likely the game does not yet exist in our database outside of the Steam community. Unfortunately, these profiles are not generated automatically so it will be necessary to submit the profile to Neoseeker and wait for the CRS team to approve it. Once approved, the steps are identical to before.

[edit] The Profile Exists But Isn't Listed In The Dropdown

This is normally caused when the name of the product profile on Neoseeker and that used by Steam are not the same, causing the system to think the profile does not exist. A change to the profile name may be required. If unsure contact a member of the CRS team for assistance.

[edit] Achievement Details

Clicking on an achievement takes you to a page that provides information on the achievement, the usernames of members that have obtained it and the option to add a comment to the achievement.

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