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Lydia Sung - Managing Editor

I’m a late-blooming gamer from Southern California. As a child, I was always drawn toward video games, and I grew up on a steady diet of Asian PC strategy games, supplemented by an SNES. These later gave way to a PSone and PlayStation 2, but I never really had an opportunity to unleash that inner-nerd until college, when I finally found myself surrounded by more experienced gamers and purchased an Xbox 360. During my fourth and final year as an undergrad, I was recruited to work for Neoseeker by Gabe.

I describe myself as a gamer first and feminist second – though the two occasionally clash. As for video games, I love too many to actually name, but favorite series of mine include Halo, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, and Assassin's Creed. I also harbor a deep affection for Mandalorians and Green Lanterns.

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Rory Young - Editor

Just your average country boy who moved to the city to write about video games. I grew up in rural Oregon where video games and book reading were the best way to pass the time. My first games were Leisure Suit Larry, which I snuck out to play when my parents weren't watching the PC, and Duck Hunt with its glorious bright orange gun peripheral. Playing games made me feel exceptional and the friend I made through playing games gave me an extended family I didn't have as an only child.

I never expected to go into writing about games until I found myself doing it. I graduated from Oregon State University with a BA in Computer Science expecting to spend my life writing code for some bland conglomerate for the rest of my life. Luckily, they had no positions available. I started writing pro bono, sharing my belief that no great game is beyond criticism and no terrible game is without value. Play all of the games. There's no experience to be found in our art that's not worth having.

I've worked with Neoseeker since 2010 and I couldn't be happier. Here's to many more years of video games and shared experiences.

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Leo Chan - Games and Hardware Editor / FAQ Contact Manager / Writer

I first lost my soul to gaming when I borrowed my brother's Game Boy for what should have been some quick rounds of Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins. Gaming on the go stuck ever since, so handhelds have always had a certain charm for ol' me despite my interest in many other gaming platforms nowadays. That eventually led me to becoming part of Team Neo along with site administrator Howard and fellow Neoseeker Gabe when the site was still in its infancy, which at this point was quite some time ago!

I am proud to have witnessed Neoseeker grow both as a site covering games and computer hardware, and as a community for gamers who want to share their interests. Naturally, I am is keen to see Neoseeker reach even greater heights with the support of that very community!

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