Special Interest

The Special Interest Forums drift away from Neoseeker's usual gaming and hardware discussions, but maintain a key focus than opposed to the vaguer Lounges.


[edit] Academia

Come talk about school, the pursuit of knowledge, or just about the lifelong pursuit of learning. Aka The forum formerly known as Education.

[edit] Subforums

Academia is designed to give Neoseeker members a dedicated outlet to discuss anything related to the pursuit of knowledge.

[edit] Anime

From Akira to Dragonball to Evangelion, celebrate your favourite Anime!

[edit] Subforums

Anime (the animation style which originates from Japan) has a huge fanbase on the internet, proven by the heavy discussion that takes place in this forum. Kawaii!

[edit] Arcade/Coin-Op

Honorable to Neoseeker's original identity, the Arcade/Coin-Op Forum is a place to talk about the true meaning of retro gaming.

[edit] Careers and Finance

Money and Career talk.

Serious money matters. Credit, banking, financing, leasing, tuition and loans. Talk about them in Careers and Finance Forum.

[edit] Classic Gaming

In honor of the "Golden Oldies" of gaming.

Discussion of fifth-generation games and consoles, and earlier, such as Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Get them in the Classic Gaming Forum.

[edit] Collectibles

Action figures, models, and others.

Collectibles is where you can show off your precious collections, and find people with the same interest.

[edit] Comedy

Need a laugh? Then look at the average post count of this forum! Hilarious!

[edit] DIY

From Home Hardware to Home Handy. Cars, homes and projects.

An abbreviation for "Do It Yourself," this is the place to discuss hardware and personal projects.

[edit] Food & Cooking

Share recipes, tips, and cool tidbits.

Here in the Food & Cooking, you can talk about interesting food topics and in-depth discussions about food. Share and trade recipes, tips for spices, cooking basics, preservation methods, general tips, gourmet ideas on a budget, etc.

[edit] Health & Fitness

[edit] Subforums

Rather than waste your time into nothingness reading the many forums of Neoseeker, let's talk about something a little more constructive and let's keep fit in Health & Fitness!

[edit] Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Forum is for your everyday need of update and information on the Magic: The Gathering series.

[edit] Miscellaneous Games

Board games, pen&paper role playing games. All the good stuff that don't require a $200 console or a $2000 PC ;)

Dueling and board games are this forum's areas of discussion, where it becomes possible to even play a game against another Neoseeker member! Crazy!

[edit] Motor Vehicles

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, import cars, car mods and car care - whatever tickles your fancy! Talk about your sweet ride, or about that oh-so-out-of-your-price-range super car you saw swooshing by as you were driving to work ;) Vroom vroom!

The Motor Vehicles Forum is meant for people who own cars, mod cars, and otherwise just love cars and that want to talk about specific topics that may not interest the general public.

[edit] Paranormal

[edit] Subforums

Always full of great subject matter, the Paranormal Forum discusses the things which can't be explained, such as aliens, fate, ghosts and ESP.

[edit] Pets / Animals: Care and Discussions

Have a quick question about your pet, a pet you hope to obtain, or just about animals in general? Pets / Animals: Care and Discussions Forum is the place to ask it.

[edit] Role Playing

Whether you like to battle the forces of evil, be a Pokémon master, or just want to get through high school in one piece, this is the place where you can live these dreams with other seekers.

[edit] Subforums

Role-playing is the acting out or performance of a particular role, either consciously (as a technique in psychotherapy or training) or unconsciously, in accordance with the perceived expectations of society with regard to a person's behavior in a particular context.

[edit] Sports Betting

Betting blogs, systems & general tips for all sports.

A place for you to discuss betting activities, blog your bets and interact within our friendly community. Sports Betting Forum!

[edit] Travel

Tell us about your travelling destinations, vacations, desired vacation hotspots, and share pics of nice places you've been!

The Travel Forum is a paradise for vacation enthusiasts! Come share and talk about the must-go-to places you've visited.

[edit] Wrestling

The Wrestling Forum is one of the most popular Special Interest forums. Talk about this favorite TV pastime, but don't try and grapple other members. Just... No.

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Forum is a way to show off your cards, have your deck rated, and provide others with useful and updated info about this ever-popular trading card game.

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