Shouts are a way to make updates to a specific game/book/movie; these are limited to 140 characters. You may only shout about a game if it's on your Collections list (either own or want). It is recommended that your Shouts be related to the product itself, otherwise it is classified as spam.

[edit] How to Shout

Please read the collections page to find out how to add items to your list. Shouting can be done on two pages

  • Collections (hovering over an item in your list)
  • Your items page (example)

[edit] What happens afterwards?

Once you make a shout it will show up in a few places, Your:

other members' shouts
  • collections page
  • activity log
  • other members' game page (see image, left)

[edit] Icons

If you want to personalize your Shout a bit more you can choose an icon to go along with it.
Note: Currently you can only add an icon from the games page

  • controller.png - controller
  • film.png - film strip
  • book.png - book
  • date.png - calendar date
  • heart.png - heart
  • star2.png - gold star
  • bomb.png - bomb
  • rosette.png - ribbon
  • tag_blue.png - blue tag
  • lock_open.png - lock (open)
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