Series pages are designed to tie together every entry in a given series into an easy to read listing. As well as listing all profiles and forums, a series page will also show any fanart attached to it and will link to a relevant neowiki if one exists.

This is an example of what a series page looks like.


[edit] Submitting a New Series

If a series does not exist then you can submit one to Neoseeker. Note that a series must have a minimum of 2 unique game profiles on Neoseeker to qualify - the same game released on multiple platforms only counts as one game for this purpose (for example, Soul Calibur V was released on both PS3 and Xbox 360 but is classed as one game for a series).

To submit a new series simply navigate to the series homepage. Just above the list of existing series should be a link marked "Submit a new series".

[edit] Submission Form

First it is necessary to add a name for the series and a short description. If you are adding this as a subseries to another existing series (for example, Crystal Chronicles is a subseries to Final Fantasy) then check the subseries box and select the main series from the dropdown.

Now you need to add profiles to the series. Enter a keyword that related to the titles of game profiles that belong to the series and click Submit. A list should load that displays all of Neoseeker's profiles that match your keyword search. Use the checkboxes that match the profiles that belong to your series. Finally click Ad Selected to Series or Add Series to finish. The series will be submitted to CRS to be processed by the team.

[edit] Contributing to an Existing Series

Click the "contribute" link when on a given series' page to access the edit screen where you can contribute new items to it.

[edit] Description

Series description uses a wiki style edit method. Simply type and/or amend as necessary and confirm.

[edit] Add Profiles to Series

Use this to add any profiles that were not added at creation of the series. This option is along the right side of the edit screen. Use the search bar to location profiles on Neoseeker, use checkboxes on the newly displayed profiles to choose which ones to add and confirm.

[edit] Add Licensees

If characters or concepts from this series has appeared in a game from a different series, this can be used to show that. Use the search feature of the bottom-right box to locate the game profile that uses something from the current series, use the checkboxes to select the profile, provide a little description explaining this and confirm.

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