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Have you ever thought, "wow, this is a really good fact or figure that I would like to include into the wikis?" If you answered no, then you are probably not a dork like Deathsythe, but if you answered yes, then we have an amazing new feature just for you.

Brought to you by tekmosis and Deathsythe (the creators of the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men) - we present... References! A great new feature released on November 14th, 2008

Now, anywhere in an article where you wish to cite a quote or a specific fact, you can add in a citation with footnotes!

[edit] How it Works

Right after the quote or fact, just simply use the <ref> tags! (as shown below)

    <ref>Reference Citation</ref>

In place of "Reference Citation" you can say "Prima Official Strategy Guide", or "Final Fantasy VII Game Manual", or even more importantly you can provide links to external sources.

If you wanted to link to a GameGrep article talking about Wii's sales figures for October- I would simply include.

    <ref>[ GameGrep: Wii Sales are Dominating in October]</ref>

At the end of the statement.

Note that adding external links as references is as simple as adding them in the wiki itself.

   [EXTERNAL_URL Article Name]

(Just remember the space after the URL.)

[edit] Examples

You can see an example of this on Deathsythe's userpage

[edit] Reference Lists

Reference Lists are also a big part of the citation process.

I have created a simple template that can be seen here that will automatically include a reference section for you.

Just simply put {{References}} at the bottom of the page that you have used the <ref> tags on, and it will auto-populate a bibliography type list for every <ref> footnote you included.

(You can also see that in action on Deathsythe's userpage)

We hope that we can use this feature to even further integrate GameGrep with Neo and the NeoWikis.

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