A users profile is their way to change what others see about them aside from posts and pms.


[edit] Profile Overview

The profile overview shows all of the information you have inputted, except for platforms, Neohome, and Guestbook.

[edit] Edit User Profile

Allows you to edit all basic components

[edit] Personal Info

    • Names
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Occupation

[edit] On the Net

    • Email (including Email Privacy Options)
    • Xbox Gamertag
    • Wii Friend Code
    • PlayStation Network ID
    • ICQ
    • MSN
    • Yahoo
    • AIM
    • Xfire username
    • GFXcess username
    • Home Page
    • Home Page URL

[edit] Location Info

    • City
    • Country
    • State/Province
    • ZipCode

[edit] Edit User Bio/Picture

On this section there are three to five optional areas to fill.

[edit] Interests

Here you may want to list a few of your favorite activities and inform other members about what you like to do in your spare time...such as visit Neoseeker every two hours. ;)

[edit] Biography

The biography section allows you to explain either your personal background or your history on Neoseeker, or you can just leave it as space to add other content you want like quotes and information on your NeoFriends or NeoFamily.

[edit] Profile Photo

Or simply referred to as the Avatar or Avvy is where members can input a picture/image that is within the size restrictions of 65*65 px and does contain profane material or is in direct violation of the rules. It is forbidden to pose as a moderator, super moderator, Wiki Staff/portal staff, neostaff, or admin. Doing so with your profile photo can be grounds for a ban. The avatar appears alongside all your posts, unless you specify otherwise, and with each sent PM.

[edit] Artist's Mark

The artist's mark is only available upon the submission of fanart. This is simply another profile photo, except it can be different and appears along with all of your fanart submissions.

[edit] Artist's Bio

A small biography to appear with your fanart profile. It may include topics such as inspirations or technique description.

[edit] Forum Setting/Prefs

[edit] Edit Smilies

As of July 2008, there are 49 options for smilies or emoticons that are available while posting. The edit smilies section allows you to choose which one appear when posting a reply or creating a new topic.

In April of 2011, the custom smilies system was updated to include support for 5 custom smilies. Users can set their custom smilies by going to the Edit Smilies page in their profile.


As can be seen in the image above, users need only input the link to each smilies and it will be added to your custom smilies list and post screen. A preview of the smilie will be included next to each link. To remove a custom smilie from your account simply remove the link and hit the "Update Custom Smilie" button.

[edit] Edit Guestbook Entries

This allows you to choose which guestbook signings show when your guestbook is viewed by others. To get rid of a specific signing, simply click "Delete Entry".

[edit] Guestbook Options

Here you can enable or disable your guestbook from getting signed by other members, choose to receive a PM when it gets signed, and write custom welcome/goodbye messages.

[edit] Change your Email

To change your email address you must first ensure the account is active by supplying your Neoseeker password as well as the new email account for a verification code that must be entered for the new email to be used.

[edit] Change your Password

To change your password you must authenticate yourself by supplying your password and confirming via a sent email. Then you must supply the authenticity code and input and confirm the new password.

[edit] Friends Settings

Here you can edit where your friends appear and where you appear for your friends.

  • Show the friends-list in your GamerTag page
  • Show your neoseeker friends on your profile
  • Enable others to see you in your friends GamerTag friends list
  • Enable others to see you in your friends profile friends list

[edit] Choose your Platforms

Here you can choose which gaming platforms you own or which ones you own that you want to show up on your profile page.

[edit] Edit your Neohome!

This page allows you to edit your Neohome once you acquire 50 posts or before with some tweaking.

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