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A Private Message, or PM, is a message you can send someone, where only the sender and the recipient can view the message. These messages are different from forum posts in that they are displayed in one message at a time, rather than in the format of a thread. They can be accessed in a number of ways. One way is to click the PM icon beneath a member's avatar/avatar space in their posts. Another way is to click the PM icon next to the names in one's Neofriends list. Members may also click the "Send a New Private Message" link on their My.neoforum page.

The messages that you receive are stored in an inbox, much like on email accounts. When you receive a new PM, a flashing, orange icon appears next to "NeoPM" button at the top of the screen. This icon will continue to flash until all unread PM's have been read. A member may save any PM in its inbox as long as he or she likes, but there is a set limit to how many PM's one can store. Moderators are allowed extra space in their inboxes.

Once one has read a PM, he or she may reply to it, which directs him or her to a page with a text box to reply. The bottom of the page features the PM to which the reply is being made, in case the member forgets the message. The reply is automatically sent to the person who sent you the initial PM, so choosing a recipient is not necessary. The recipients are listed automatically when you click the PM icon near their name. Manually choosing the recipient is only necessary when you click the "Send a New Private Message" link in your My.neoforum page or when forwarding a message.

Forwarding is the other alternative to replying. The "Forward" button is beside the "Reply" button on a PM page. It allows you to send a quoted version of the text and mark-up in that particular PM to any member.

[edit] Sending PMs to multiple recipients

 This feature is only available to members who have been active for a period of time.

There are two methods to send PMs to multiple recipients. Firstly, you can do it from your friends list by checking off up to 5 friends to PM.

You can also use the "email" method. In the Send PM page, simply type in the names of multiple recipients, each separated by a comma or semi-colon.

In the below example we are sending a PM to 3 recipients:

Multi pm recipient example.png

[edit] AutoFill Username

The PM form has the ability to autofill user names (if you have Javascript enabled). The feature works after you type in a few characters in the Recipient field. The autofill does NOT search the entire Neoseeker community, and instead only includes members in your friends list and those whom you have sent PMs to.

Autofill works when sending to multiple recipients!

Autofill pm recipient.png

Autofill pm multi recipients.png

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