Posting is the public form of communication for the members of Neoseeker. In order to post, a user must first register to the forums and then visit a forum. Once at a forum or in a thread the member can click "REPLY TO THIS THREAD" or "QUICK REPLY." At the new screen or below the thread, the message may be typed and submitted. If the post contains over 72 characters, one will be added to the post count. If under, the post count will not increase. If deleted this way, one will be taken from your post count. Posts may also be created by starting a new thread, which may be done by clicking the "START NEW THREAD" button, found on the top-right and bottom left of the forum main page. The 72 character limit applies for these posts as well. Guests have a posting limit on some of Neoseeker's forums.

[edit] Restrictions

All posts are expected to follow the Forum Rules. Generally, a post may not be spam, flame, be posted twice in a row, contain pornographic images or links to such websites, contain links to sites that allow you to illegally download software, etc. The most common offense of these is spam. This is because members tend not to understand what spam truly is. Some think that it is a post that is too short to contribute to the discussion, whereas others think it is a post that is off-topic. In truth, it is both. A post that is off-topic takes away the discussion value just as much a post that is very short that doesn't contribute enough to the topic. Posts that violate the rules may be reported by clicking the report button at the bottom-right of each post. In which case, the post is then left to the moderator's discretion.

[edit] Quoting

Quoting someone involves a special method of replying. At the bottom of each post, there is a button that says quote. Clicking this button will take a member to a Post Reply page with the previous post already printed, in special mark-up coding. This will allow you to type a reply that specifies what you want to emphasize in your response. Quoting automatically sets the quote box to contain a link in the originator's name and post number that allows one to track the origin of the post. This also helps to prevent a fabricated quote.

[edit] Mark-up

Mark-up is used to make a post go beyond a simple box of text. It can be used to color, embolden, italicize, and change the overall font of the text. It is necessary for posting pictures, creating linked words, and many other things. Markup, while dazzling, is best used for appropriate occasions. Too much markup per post often makes quoting for other members difficult.

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