Pokemon Trading/Shopping District Forum Blacklist


[edit] Introduction

This is a record of all the previous traders on the Pokemon Trading Forum and Pokemon Shopping District Forum who have been reported to the forum's moderators. These traders are to be wary of and it is recommended that you do not trade with them.

[edit] Reporting A Scammer

When reporting a scammer, please fill out the following form below in the Blacklisting Thread:
Name of scammer:
Friend Code:
Trade Agreement:
Details of what happened:
Stats, natures, and movesets of both Pokemon:
Where both Pokemon were found:

An example of a scam report is below:
Username: Rayce
Name of scammer: Amsey
Friend Code: 0000-0000-0000
Trade Agreement: Her Level 100 DannyB01 for my Level 100 Coconut16
Details of what happened: She cut Wi-Fi off through the middle of the trade and stole my Level 100 Coconut16!
Stats, natures, and movesets of both Pokemon: I'm not sure.
Where both Pokemon were found: Don't know.

[edit] So What Is Allowed and What Isn't?

The following IS allowed:

  • Ordinary trades of any kind, including Pokemon and items
  • Trading of hacked Pokemon and items, if they are labeled as hacked
  • Clones of legitimate Pokemon or hacks, as long as the hacks are labeled as such
  • Chained Pokemon and RNG'd Pokemon

    The following is NOT allowed:
  • Trading hacked Pokemon or items labeled as legitimate Pokemon
  • Turning off your game mid-trade in an attempt to steal the Pokemon
  • Refusing to give a Pokemon back, if there was an agreement to do a tradeback
  • Refusing to give a Pokemon back if someone finds they weren't given what was promised
  • Disregarding Pokemon redistribution agreement

    [edit] Current Forum Moderators

    Blacklisted members have been found to be scamming, stealing Pokemon, trying to trade known hacks as legits, or breaking other rules of trade. These member accounts are also banned from the forum. If you know anyone on this list who is bypassing or attempting to continue to trade, please PM one of the forum moderators.

    If you wish to file a scam report in about a trader, please do so here and tag the following moderators.

    [edit] Pokemon Trading Forum

    hood135 Cloyphish jmargerum Kleine

    [edit] Pokemon Shopping District Forum

    Yakkov Inkblot AlfieOhAlfie

    [edit] Current List of Blacklisted Traders

    Banned PrimalJirachi
    Alternative Usernames:

    Friend Code: 2165 7377 4284
    Trade Agreement: Failure to respond to Scam Report
    Details: Traded several Event Pokemon with Powersave dates, having lied about the dates they had.
    Blacklisted By: Enth
    Blacklisted Date January 5th, 2015

    Banned CoolStaraptor
    Friend Code: 2852 9611 1197
    Trade Agreement: Agreeing to redeem a Diancie code, cloning
    Details: Redeemed the code and did not provide the Diancie. Took multiple pokémon for cloning and failed to return any of them.
    Blacklisted By: Nix, ZoruaRain13
    Blacklisted Date January 24th, 2015

    Banned Black-Charizard
    Alternative Usernames:

    Black_Charizard, Gemma, Glaceon Events, Umbreonevents, Mr Giovanni, fightinghitmontop, turnersttch91, Darkrai91, EventCollector01, edenhazard123, Dusknoir1, PokemonMaster01, MagicHoopa, KingLazyNinja, MegaCharizarid, DarthPikachu, CuddlyCharmander, Pokefan0, MegaLucario1, Greninja99, PrimalKyogre, MajesticShaymin, SmokingCharmander, HeatWave1, PrimaPikachu, BouncingSylveon, DesinyElimitex, UltraAgent, SnowPricness
    Friend Code: 2853 0430 1476, 1306 7830 4645, 3540 2603 3372, 5344 1590 7328, 1607 5397 3272, 3883-9552-8128, 0276-1612-9282, 0190-2886-2810
    Trade Agreement: A Maxsoft Rayquaza code for an uncloned Desert City Arceus
    Details: The code that was provided was already redeemed and the user made a new account instead of trying to solve the issue.

    Continued creation of alts to bypass bans and attempt deceive/scam other members.

    Blacklisted By: hood135, jaap, Saku
    Blacklisted Date May 27th, 2015, Sept. 17th 2015

    Banned hydra889
    Alternative Usernames:

    Friend Code: 5257 9701 6441
    Trade Agreement: Clone multiple shiny, event or IV bred pokemon for miltiple members
    Details: Approaches people by pm and fails to return the pokemon. Creared an alt account to continue scamming.
    Blacklisted By: hood135,
    Blacklisted Date July 8th, 2015

    Banned Lucid420
    Friend Code: 3969 6928 0809
    Trade Agreement: Traded Shiny Jolly 6IV Weavile for his shiny Adamant 5IV Mamoswine
    Details: The Mamoswine was not 5IV or Adamant nature and fail to trade back
    Blacklisted By: jmargerum
    Blacklisted Date September 12, 2015

    Banned DevilishKaoru
    Alternative Usernames:

    Friend Code: Unknown
    Details: Trying to trade Clones Events as Unclone ones and not responding to Mod PM
    Blacklisted By: jmargerum
    Blacklisted Date September 12, 2015

    Banned KianAnn
    Alternative Usernames:

    pokefan20101, serenapoke
    Friend Code: 3754 9084 4200, 4442 0754 5783, 1392 5646 1289, 0602 6365 8680
    Details: Spamming and fighting with other users in the Forum
    Blacklisted By: jmargerum
    Blacklisted Date September 21, 2015

    Banned KnownComposite
    Friend Code: 0920-0453-3039
    Trade Agreement: Mystry Mew for his 6iv Shiny battle ready Gallade which was hack and not said before the trade
    Details: Scamming by knowingly trading hacks as real Pokemon
    Blacklisted By: jmargerum
    Blacklisted Date September 30, 2015

    Banned Keags
    Friend Code: 1306-6774-4268
    Trade Agreement: Touch trade a series legendary Pokemon in exchange for a shiny Pokemon
    Details: Failure to return last legendary from the touch trade and give shiny Pokemon as agreed
    Blacklisted By: Saku
    Blacklisted Date October 07, 2015

    Banned Teddi
    Alternative Usernames:

    Friend Code: 3583-2734-8636
    Trade Agreement: Trade Mew codes in exchange for legendary Pokemon.
    Details: Trading multiples of the same Mew code to different people, trading invalid codes, and failure to respond to scam inquiry.
    Blacklisted By: jmargerum
    Blacklisted Date February 13th, 2016

    Banned clopez123123
    Friend Code: 2981-9816-6748
    Trade Agreement: To borrow a Genesect to complete the pokedex. In exchange for Hoopa and Diancie. With Manaphy as collateral.
    Details: Disconnected after trading Genesect for Manaphy before claiming internet issues. Diancie was not as claimed.Failed to reply to scam inquiry.
    Blacklisted By: hood135
    Blacklisted Date March 13th, 2016

    Banned Guitargod180
    Friend Code: 5386-9209-5298
    Trade Agreement: Shiny Lucario and Shiny Charizard for Shiny Mew
    Details: Trade agreement made to trade two shiny Pokemon for one but disconnected mid-trade and failed to return the first shiny. Failed to reply to scam inquiry.
    Blacklisted By: hood135
    Blacklisted Date May 10th, 2016

    Banned Sequestrian
    Friend Code: 3497-4386-4430
    Trade Agreement: 57 Genesect Codes for 90 event Pokemon
    Details: Trade agreement made to provide 57 Genesect codes in exchange for 90 event Pokemon. Only four out of the 57 codes provided were legit, the rest fake. As a result of this user has been blacklisted and removed permanently from the forum.
    Blacklisted By: Saku
    Blacklisted Date Nov. 7th, 2016

    Banned PhotoStig
    Alternative Usernames:

    Friend Code: 2638-0249-0641
    Trade Agreement: Several shinies in exchange for other shinies.
    Details: The shiny Garchomp, Druddigon, Chespin, and Aegislash were hacks which where not labeled as such before the trade and he failed to respond to moderator inquiry/arrange tradeback.
    Blacklisted By: Jmargerum
    Blacklisted Date Jan. 30th, 2017

    Banned GiuseppeNessuno31
    Details: This user was found to be attempting to sell Pokemon to multiple different members over PM in violation of the real world policy despite having been warned in the past.
    Blacklisted By: Saku
    Blacklisted Date March 20th, 2017

    Banned Frey
    Friend Code: 4098-3222-2243
    Trade Agreement: His two 6iv Dittos for two shiny Pokemon
    Details: He claimed the Dittos were 6iv when in fact they did not have any IVs.
    Blacklisted By: Saku
    Blacklisted Date April 1, 2017

    Banned Acedawg100
    Friend Code: 0190-4174-8872
    Trade Agreement: Touch Trading Pokemon for Pokedex Entries
    Details: Quit the trade before trading back UB Burst and did not return
    Blacklisted By: Cloyphish
    Blacklisted Date December 12, 2017

    Banned BilliesNerdCave
    Friend Code: 0404-8953-5025
    Trade Agreement: Hold onto several items and Pokémons and return them shortly after.
    Details: They never returned the Pokémons/ items.
    Blacklisted By: Kleine
    Blacklisted Date February 26, 2018

    [edit] With Thanks

    To previous moderators of the Pokemon Trading Forum and the Pokemon Shopping District for keeping the Blacklist up-to-date so far.

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