Playstation 4 PSN Database

This is a page detailing the Playstation Network accounts for members of the Playstation 4 forum to share with one another. Sitewide and forumwide rules extend to this list.

The following list is ordered alphabetically by the members username on the forums.


[edit] Members

[edit] A

  • Ahti
    • PSN ID: frekriiis
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Notes: Add away! :3
  • AndyD_U
    • PSN ID: AndyD_U
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Notes: PM me when you add me so i know who you are
  • Anderlation
    • PSN ID: SolidSnakesHD
    • Timezone: GMT +0
    • Notes: Just state Neo on Friend Request. I add everyone
  • Avalith
    • PSN ID: seraphim_slifer
    • Timezone: GMT -7
    • Notes: Please state your Neo username in the request.

[edit] B

  • BluePhoenix
    • PSN ID: Azantius
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
  • bluexy
    • PSN ID: bluexy
    • Timezone: PST (Los Angeles)
    • Notes: Neoseeker Editor, I add everyone!

[edit] C

  • Chad
    • PSN ID: ChadsSegaGENESIS
    • Timezone: GMT-6 (CST)
    • Notes: If your PSN is different from your NeoName, let me know in the request please!
  • Christian Cage fan
    • PSN ID: greggors95
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Notes: Will accept everyone.

[edit] D

  • Destroyer
    • PSN ID: TrueGunnerUK
    • Timezone: GMT +0 (London)
    • Notes: Just state you're from Neoseeker in the friend request and i'll accept.
  • Dragoon
    • PSN ID: tangent_boy
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Note: Please PM me when you add me and tell me who you are in your friend invite.
  • Dilute
    • PSN ID: Dilutesheer, archangelraj
    • Timezone: GMT+5.5 (Delhi)
    • Note: Just state who you are when adding me, or just mention you're from Neoseeker, and I'll add you.

[edit] E

[edit] F

  • F10R1
    • PSN ID: FistOfFiori
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Notes: Mention Neoseeker when adding :)

[edit] G

[edit] H

  • haalyle
    • PSN ID: haalyle333
    • Timezone: GMT + 10 (Australia)
    • Notes: Include Neoseeker in your message.
  • handyman_18
    • PSN ID: handyman_18
    • Timezone: GMT -7 (MST)

[edit] I

[edit] J

  • Justplayingitcool
    • PSN ID: TheCharlatanNunn
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London
    • Notes: PM me when you add me with your PSN username attached to the PM.

[edit] K

[edit] L

  • luckyguess
    • PSN ID: luckyguess_
    • Timezone: GMT+5 (EST)
    • Note:

[edit] M

  • MrMayhem883
    • PSN ID: MrMayhem883
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Notes: Please state who you are when adding me, thanks
  • Metallica
    • PSN ID: Kill_Em_All1986
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Notes: Please state who you are when adding me, thanks.
  • Minds
    • PSN ID: ViolatedMinds
    • Timezone: GMT+0 (London)
    • Notes: I don't accept blank friend requests, PM me on Neoseeker or tell me who you are in the add message. I use Skype for voice chat, not in game microphones. Willing to add on Skype too.
  • Mudkip94
    • PSN ID: LJ94
    • Timezone: GMT-5 (EST)
    • Notes: Please state who you are in the friend request so I know who you are.

[edit] N

[edit] O

[edit] P

  • PikaPower
    • PSN ID: AuraOfThunder
    • Timezone: GMT-5 (EST)
    • Notes: PM me on Neoseeker if you want to add me. However, if we never talked on the site before, I won't accept the request.
  • Phantom_J
    • PSN ID: Ancestralsword8
    • Timezone: Complicated...
    • Notes: if you play Destiny add me! If we haven't spoken or I don't know you, put "Neoseeker" in your friend request!

[edit] Q

[edit] R

  • Revacci
    • PSN ID: Revacci
    • Timezone: GMT+3
    • Notes: Please do not send blank friend requests and state who you are in the request for me to know who you are. :)
  • Rude_boy_loves_SKA
    • PSN ID: GI_DeVries
    • Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
    • Notes: Please let me know you're from NeoSeeker. Add your Neo name if it's different from your PSN ID. Thanks!

[edit] S

  • Sox
    • PSN ID: ldkick
    • Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
    • Notes: Let me know your neo name if different from PSN ID
  • sword_of_omens
    • PSN ID: sword_of_omens
    • Timezone: PST (GMT-8)
    • Notes: Make sure you put Neoseeker in the add request so i don't ignore it.

[edit] T

  • Tenken
    • PSN ID: xXTenkenXx
    • Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
    • Notes: Let me know if you're from Neoseeker so I know it isn't completely random.
  • twinspectre
    • PSN ID: twinspectre
    • Timezone: CET (UTC+1) (Italy)
    • Notes: Let me know who you are, and where you find my PSN id :)

[edit] U

[edit] V

[edit] W

[edit] X

[edit] Y

[edit] Z

  • zarathustrax7
    • PSN ID: zarathustrax7
    • Timezone: -4GMT
    • Notes: Let me know you come from this site!
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