PM Limits

The Neoseeker Private Message system (PM system) allows members to send private messages to one another. Each member has a limited space for PMs, and how much you are using can be seen on the left hand side of the PM browse screen.

[edit] PM near full warning

When your PMs are near the limit you will get an additional warning box letting you know how much space is left.

[edit] Full PM Behaviour

When your PMs are full or over the max limit, the system will automatically delete the oldest PMs in order to allow new PMs to be sent to you. The PMs deleted are first from the inbox, and then from personal folders if the inbox is empty. The system will never delete more than enough PMs to allow the incoming PM, but it is advised that you clear out less useful PMs or archive the good ones.

[edit] PM Personal Folder Strategy

You might find it useful to move the memorable PMs to Personal Folders so that they are the last ones to be auto deleted by a full PM box. You can also archive more easily if you have things organized.

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