[edit] Overwolf for Neoseeker

Overwolf is an awesome client that adds an overlay into your PC games so that you can use special apps while in-game.

Neoseeker is very proud to have an official Neoseeker optimized Overwolf client designed specifically to integrate with some of Neoseeker's features. With Overwolf for Neoseeker, you can:

  1. Take screenshots and automatically upload them to your Neoseeker gallery with a single keypress (F10 by default).
  2. Load up cheats and walkthroughs for the game you're playing with the click of a single convenient button
  3. Load up the forum of the game you're playing with a single click of a button
  4. Load up the game profile of the game you're playing with a single button
  5. load up Neoseeker's homepage right from inside Overwolf

Because Overwolf mainly loads all the pages up as a regular browser, you can sign in while in-game and check PMs, reply to threads or post new ones, update your status, post to your wall, and more.

Download Overwolf Neoseeker Edition by clicking here.

[edit] Uploading Gallery Images from In-Game using Overwolf

This is one of the most powerful features of the Overwolf Neoseeker edition client. We worked with Overwolf to create a seamless upload experience for Neoseeker users to their gallery. Screenshots taken with Overwolf can be uploaded automatically as they are taken while in-game.

What's more, all screenshots that you take are uploaded to a new album with the name of the game you're playing, and all images are automatically attached to the game profile. These screenshots then show up grouped in your user profile wall, the game profile wall, and in the game's screenshots page!

This saves you a lot of time and also allows you to easily upload key moments in games without ever leaving the game or having to manually upload, organise, and attach the screens to the game. It's really handy!

[edit] Making the most of Gallery Image uploading

Here are some tips to make your experience better:

  1. Open up the Overwolf options and go to the Video tab
  2. Uncheck the box labeled "Automatically open Media Player after recording"
  3. This will stop popping up the thumnail of the image you just took.
  4. Keep the box labelled "Automatically upload screenshots to Neoseeker" enabled.
  5. When all of the above are done, your screenshots will auto upload to Neoseeker but won't pop up a window in-game, so you won't have the little in-game popup blocking any of your game information.
Note: in a future release of Overwolf for Neoseeker, the thumbnail popup box will be disabled by default

[edit] Quick Start Guide

  1. Download Overwolf for Neoseeker
  2. Install Overwolf and Launch the app. You will see the small overwolf icon in your taskbar
  3. Load up a game, if you have a supported game you might want to use that first to test.
  4. Some games will require that you hit SHIFT-F1 to switch to Overwolf overlay mode. You need to SHIFT-F1 to get out of the mode and back to the game.
  5. F10 will take a screenshot
  6. If Overwolf has not been connected to your Neoseeker account yet, it will tell you to sign in.
  7. The sign in pulls up a window of Neoseeker's login page. Just log in and then allow Overwolf to access your Neoseeker data.
    1. Note that if you can't click on the login screen, try to use SHIFT-F1 to go into Overwolf mode.
  8. Once you allow Neoseeker to connect to Overwolf your screenshots will be uploaded straight to your Neoseeker gallery and will show up on your profile wall. Just keep using F10!

[edit] Games

For a list of supported games, check out the list over at Overwolf,

If your game is not on the list, load up the game to see if it works. If it doesn't work, you can contact Overwolf to request that they support the game.

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