Neoseeker Wiki Page Integration


Note: Contributors can tie Wiki pages to Neoseeker profiles right in the NeoWikis.

There is no need to do anything on Neoseeker itself, a special tag is inserted into 
Category pages and the categories are auto imported to the proper games pages.
Closeup wiki page links on neoseeker profile.png
An exciting new feature released on August 21, 2008 is the ability to import Wiki page links right into specific Neoseeker profile pages. The result is a nice map of links to pages on the related wiki (screencaptures showing how this look are lower down on the page).

[edit] How this works

Some key points:

  • Individual pages are never tied to Neoseeker, instead, Wiki pages are tied to a category.
  • Categories are tied to specific games
  • You can attach as many categories as necessary to the games where they relate
  • You can attach a category to as many games as they relate to.
  • When all this "tieing together" is done, the result is the box on the right showing up on each platform of the games you've tied the Categories to. Nifty.

[edit] Page Integration How To

[edit] Setup Work

  1. Organisation of the Wiki pages is the first step to take (some wikis are already organized in a way to take advantage of this).
  2. To start: Add pages to categories which describe the Type of page it is, plus what game it belongs to (using the naming conventions established here).
    1. Eg: Characters (GTA 4)
    2. Eg: Monsters (FFVIII)
    3. Eg: Spells (FFVIII)
  3. If your page is for only one game, make sure it is tied only to the category for that game.
    1. Eg: Single character category tie to page.png
  4. If your page is for multiple games, tie it to all categories
    1. Eg: Multiple character category tie to page.png

When you have a good mix of Categories and pages tied to those categories, you're ready to integrate to Neoseeker pages.

[edit] Tying Categories to Neoseeker Games

  1. Start by going to the URL of the game you want to tie, to get its "filename". Filename portion of url.png
  2. Go to the Category you want to attach to that game. Edit the category and enter this code:
<category_to_neo filename='finalfantasytactics' title='Jobs' />
Closeup wiki page links on neoseeker profile.png
Change the filename and title to the appropriate information.

If your category title is generic enough, eg "Jobs", you don't need to set a title (leave the attribute out altogether). If your category title is something like "Jobs (FFT)", you can use the title tag to avoid showing the (FFT) portion of the title when showing up in the box.

In the sample box on the right the exact code was used from above. Whatever you write in the title= field will show up on the Neoseeker page as the label of the type of page it is linking.

The final result looks like this:

Final Fantasy Tactics page with Wiki page links on the right hand side

This type of integration creates a tight link between Neoseeker's pages and the Wikis and brings alot more exposure to the wiki pages to all the visitors to the profile.

[edit] Notes

  • Because you are linking to the filename of the game, every single platform version of the game will have the Wiki page links. Cool :)
  • Only pages with a certain amount of content will show in the list. If you want to promote a page and expose it to more users make sure it has a decent amount of information!
  • Pages shown are random, the categories shown are fixed.
  • Up to 10 pages from each category are shown.
  • More notes and a "In a Nutshell" explanation of how to use this feature can be found in the announcement thread.
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