Neoseeker Servers

[edit] The Neoseeker servers

Neoseeker runs on eight web servers and one database server. The naming convention for the servers is the Star Trek series. All servers follow this, with some being named after well known entities in the show and some after lesser known things. As of 5/4/2006, the server names were as follows:

Right now, all but Endevaour are being used as web servers. The most powerful web server is Venture, with Epsilon next, followed by Enterprise, Defiant, Nova, and Warpcore; in that order.

The old database server was DS9 (short for Deep Space Nine) but it was retired in November 2004 due to major hardware issues. Thus Endeavour was brought online. Shortly thereafter, Venture.

Information regarding the big server switch that occurred in March 2002 (the addition of Defiant, Nova, Enterprise, and Warpcore) can be read here.

There was also a new server called Pilgrim that was supposed to be the flagship (aka most powerful) server back in late 2004; but shortly after Redemption added it into the cluster, it broke down, and was never added back in.

The newest server right now is Epsilon. It was added on April 30th, 2006, the same day as the site owner's birthday.

[edit] June 2008 Server Upgrades

In June 2008, Redemption added Nova back into the server rotation; but this time it was an all-new version of the server. The new Nova now handles about 3 out of every 5 page requests on Neoseeker, or approximately 60%. He also re-added Aeon to the rotation as well. During that time, Redemption refreshed the Barracuda and Ascension servers; but the Barracuda server failed about a month later and has not been placed back into service as of yet.

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