Neoseeker Pokemon League


[edit] Introduction

The Neoseeker Pokemon League, abbreviated NPL, is Neoseeker's official Pokemon League, run by Eon80, Sovereign, and FbO. Created by foge, it's purpose is to allow challengers to challenge a roster of gym leaders, and then challenge the Masterous Two, which was replaced by the Elite Four during the bulk of Fourth Generation. However, in the Fifth Generation, the Elite Four was replaced, with the return of the Masterous Two.

The NPL is currently up to Thread 51.

[edit] Leaders

[edit] Rules

  • Sleep Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Species Clause
  • One Hit KO Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Uber Clause
  • Item Clause
  • Wifi Clause (PO Challenges Only)
  • Hax (Luck) Clause
  • Soul Dew Clause
  • Non-Released Clause

[edit] New Rules

  • 1. All Gym Leaders will include a list of the best time and days they are available.
  • 2. All Gym Leaders must follow the clauses set by the NPL.
  • 3. Challengers are allowed to sign up with only six pokemon. No substitutions are permitted
  • 4. There will be no more Elite 4. We will be returning to the Masterous Two instead.
  • 5. Challengers may challenge a maximum of 3 gyms per day.
  • 6. A minimum of 3 Pokemon per side(3v3) must be used in a Gym Battle

[edit] Signup Form

  • 6 pokemon: (Please list your 6 Pokemon)
  • FC: ( Please do not post "in my sig")
  • PO: (not required)
  • Neo name:

[edit] Current Masterous Two

  • Masterous 1: Eon80

Masterous 1 Thread

  • Masterous 2: Team Hydro Aura

Masterous 2 Thread

[edit] Current Champion

  • Afm

Champions Thread

[edit] Team Changing

  • Current Team:
  • New Team:
  • Is this your first team change?:

[edit] Challenge Roster:

Challenger Database

[edit] Gym Leader Sign Up

  • Type:Rock
  • Team:

Kabutops Aerodactyl Shuckle Tyranitar Cradily Rhyperior

  • Neo name: Apollo
  • FC:0748-3549-4698
  • Your plan against weaknesses:

These pokemon never failed in covering their weaknesses...

[edit] Current Gym Leader Roster

  • Normal - free
  • Fire - free
  • Water - free
  • Electric - yoBeto

Electric Gym Thread

  • Grass - captain boo

Grass Gym Thread

  • Ice - Afm / RazeHell

Ice Gym Thread

  • Fighting - Eon80

Fighting Gym Thread

  • Poison - free
  • Ground - pokemonmaster0594

Ground Gym Thread

  • Flying - free
  • Psychic - FbO

Psychic Gym Thread

  • Bug - Toast

Bug Gym Thread

  • Rock - free
  • Ghost - free
  • Dragon - Enjoibro4

Dragon Gym Thread

  • Dark - Splitr

Dark Gym Thread

  • Steel - MegaMaster37

Steel Gym Thread

[edit] Gym Tiers

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