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The Neoseeker Podcast is a podcast that is organised and run by Neoseeker members. The concept behind the project is simply "For the members, by the members" and aims to appeal to a large audience by including members of all status within the forums giving each an equal and opportune chance to make an appearance, and pathes the way for everyone to make a mark on the history of forever.

[edit] Episodes

To download the mp3 files below, simply right click on the link and choose Save Target As... and save the file into the desired folder.

Ep Episode Name Release Date Featured Members Episode Link
#1 Classic Games that have Shaped the Industry April 28, 2010 Darknet, Vector, Akira_EX, and Ecto Download
#2 Activision: Evil or Just Business May 15, 2010 Darknet, Akira_EX, Vector, Ecto, and chautemoc Download
#3 E3 Preview June 7, 2010 Darknet, Akira_EX, Vector, Ecto, and Distortion Download
#4 The E3 Big Show June 29, 2010 Darknet, Akira_EX, Vector, Ecto, RabidChinaGirl Download

[edit] Jingles

2 jingles were written for the podcast; the first written by Smell The Chiken (used only in the first episode) and the second written by Relmutsie AN (used in all episodes), the latter of which can be downloaded here.

[edit] Podcast Staff Team

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