Neoseeker Plus

Neoseeker Plus, or N+, is a special membership level for users who want to directly support Neoseeker and optionally show that support through an exclusive n+ icon in their profile and forum posts. Neoseeker Plus is a monthly or yearly subscription service and is completely optional. It does not offer any additional features or special capabilities, but Neoseeker Plus members have the option of disabling ads.

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[edit] What do you get?

Neoseeker Plus is mostly a show of support for the site, but as a thank you, Neoseeker Plus members can disable ads across the entire site, in both desktop and mobile mode. This significantly increases browsing speed, especially on a mobile device.

In addition to this, members who have Neoseeker Plus have the ability to create larger avatar photos. With a big, 100x100 avatar photo (compared to the standard 80x80) you are sure to stand out amongst the crowd!

You can also show your support of the site thanks to a badge that shows in your profile, membercard, and your forum posts. This badge can be optionally turned off.

[edit] Why Neoseeker Plus?

Neoseeker is supported by ads, generous users, and a small number of additional services like Name Changes. All of our features, and our hosting costs are funded this way, and the more support we get the more cool features we can make. For years members have been asking for an easier way to show their support, and other members have asked for an ad-free mode. As mobile becomes a bigger part of our userbase, mobile users can benefit greatly from an ad-free experience while also supporting Neoseeker in a way that allows us to continue to do excellent things for our community.

[edit] Who should get Neoseeker Plus?

If you just want to support the site, and do it in an easy way, Neoseeker Plus is the way to do it.

If you want to show others that you support Neoseeker directly, the N+ badge let's you do that.

If you want an ad-free experience on Neoseeker, Neoseeker Plus is a great way to get it "officially" while directly supporting the site

If you are on a mobile device most of the time, ad-free browsing with Neoseeker Plus will be significantly faster, especially if you are on your mobile network. If you try just one month of Neoseeker Plus you'll be able to feel the difference immediately :).

[edit] What Neoseeker Plus is NOT

Neoseeker Plus at this time is not about access to exclusive areas of the site, larger avatars, bigger signatures, or other proposed "perks". It is not something you have to pay for to get access that non-N+ members don't get.

Instead, we intend to roll out those types of changes to the entire site, for ALL members, as we evaluate their value to the community.

[edit] Gifting Neoseeker Plus

It's possible to gift N+ to other members. This is brand new capability launched in Dec 2013. If you know of a deserving member and you want to thank them for something while helping the site, you can gift them with a month or two of N+.

Gifts can be sent anonymously, and are accompanied with a PM message.

[edit] Thanks to all our Neoseeker Plus members!

Thank you for trusting us, supporting us, and showing that support. We really appreciate this support and work very hard to make this one of the best sites in the world.

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