Neoseeker Mobile Mode

Neoseeker launched its formal Mobile Mode in June 2010 (the forums had their own Forums Mobile Mode launched before that).

Neoseeker Mobile Mode is designed with 5 things in mind:

  • make the site load faster on mobile devices (reduced complexity of pages, and less content for faster download on wireless internet).
  • make the site look GOOD on the limited real estate of mobile devices
  • keep as much functionality as reasonable while keeping the pages small and lightweight
  • automatically show mobile mode on detected devices, and allow those devices to enter and exit mobile mode at will.
  • Mobile mode works on as many pages as possible without forwarding or requiring you to go to a "mobile site". This is just like the forums mobile mode. The idea is that you can send yourself bookmarks from your computer, and it will work perfectly on your mobile.


[edit] Exiting Mobile Mode

Go to the bottom of any page, click "exit mobile mode". You can re-enter mobile mode afterwards by looking for the same link at the footer of the full mode page on your mobile device.

[edit] How to Add your Device

Mobile Mode auto detects whether your device is a mobile device and displays the proper mode. If your phone or device is not properly detected we can add it to our database. Please follow these instructions for getting your device added to our Mobile Mode

[edit] How it looks:

Mobile gameprofile.pngMobile community page.pngMobile fanart.pngMobile fanart view.pngMobile homepage.pngMobile member profile.pngMobile newsarticle.pngMobile screenshots.png

[edit] Likes and Favourites buttons

On July 13 2010, the Likes and Favourites buttons were enabled in Mobile Mode for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) devices. These buttons work just like they do on the full version of the site and will not take you away from the page you are on when you use them. Here are some select shots of how that looks:

Mobile likes gallery.pngMobile likes news.pngMobile likes fanart.pngMobile likes screens.png

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