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Neoseeker has an official IRC channel that allows members to talk with each other in a live chat session. You can connect to the chat room via your internet browser by clicking here or if you already have an IRC client this link will launch the channel in your client. Channel statistics are available here and quotes from the chat can be found here.

The chat has peak times when you can find many users talking and down times where the channel will be quiet. Most regulars will always be connected to the channel and will check in every so often to start a topic or jump in on a current one. Don't come in with the expectation that the channel will always be active. Stay connected for awhile with the chat in the background and then jump in when people start chatting or try starting up a discussion on your own.


[edit] Background

The Neoseeker chat has been active in one way or another since early 2002. The chat has a diverse community that has formed a close community over the years, where everyone knows everyone else and everyone gets along with each other. The IRC crowd usually consists of a more mature crowd of 18+.

Some of the members in the chat have known each other for a decade now and without IRC many of those that formed close relationships with each other never would have. If you really want to make a long lasting relationship with other members on Neoseeker, IRC may be for you.

[edit] Rules

There are no comprehensive set of rules for the IRC. Providing you use common sense etiquette/netiquette and do not go out of your way to annoy others it is unlikely you'll have an issue.

While the channel is quite liberally moderated in general due to the relaxed nature of IRC, one thing to keep in mind is that it may be frequented by users within younger age groups so keeping things clean and appropriate for all audiences is encouraged. There are other non-official channels on the network which permit more risque content or you could use private messaging.

[edit] Advanced Connection Details

  • Server:
  • IP:
  • Port: 6667 (Normal), 6697 (Alt) or 8067 (SSL)
  • Channel: #neoseeker

[edit] Channels

#neoseeker is the main chat channel for the IRC and has the most members and widest array of topics being discussed. However, a multitude of other channels have been setup for more specific groups of people:

#anime - Anime discussion
#linux - Help, support, and discussion for the Linux OS and derivatives
#music - A Channel for the Live Discussion and Sharing of Auditory Entertainment
#football-manager - Talk with other members located on various football forums such as Football Lounge, Football (Soccer) and Football Manager
#gay - Topical light hearted and serious chat for everyone!
#lol - League of Legends discussion
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