[edit] NeoPortals

NeoPortals are Neoseeker websites devoted entirely to a specific game series or theme. Content is contributed entirely by Neoseeker members. All NeoPortals are hosted as Subdomains of the main site and, as of 28th December 2005, can be accessed via the NeoPortal hub.

Individual portals are maintained by portal staff who have the ability to edit and approve contributions. The portal system itself is maintained by a portal moderation team, portal staff members who have editing permissions across the entire network and the ability to request removal of other staff members. The current portal moderation team is made up of Krunal, and teodortenchev. Former members of the team are Deathman48, Q22, Vito Raliffe, and Scarchelli.

The Neoportal system was decommissioned in June 2008 and replaced with the current NeoWiki system.

[edit] Established NeoPortals

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